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AquaTrip Water Leak Detection System Can Save You Thousands of Dollars in Hassles and Damage


An AquaTrip water leak detection system installation is why Whywait Plumbing Services have been specialists in preventing, locating and repairing leaking water pipes as your local, reliable and professional Gold Coast Plumber for 42 years, since 1976.

An AquaTrip water leak detection system is a one-time insurance policy that is simple to install and guaranteed to perform as you can see in the short video to the right.

Above all, we know how traumatic it is to see your home flooded when it could have been prevented. Preventing water damage with the installation of AquaTrip water leak detection system should be compulsory in every home.

Every year it is distressing to see thousands of homes that are damaged, due to internal flooding caused by burst pipes and fittings that could have been prevented.

Gold Coast water is expensive if wasted through leaking pipes. A burst flexible hose tap connector under your kitchen sink will not only flood into your house at 1.5 kilolitres or 1500 litres per hour but will also cost you $4.11 per kilolitre every hour that it flows.

If you think Gold Coast Water will reimburse you for water leakage from leaking pipes or fixtures, then think again. There are strict policies on reimbursement, and even if you meet all the criteria you can expect that:

  • you will still be charged a minimum of $2.910 per kilolitre
  • you will be restricted to one claim for relief from payment every three years

To be eligible for leakage relief from Gold Coast Water the following requirements must be met but be aware pool leaks, tap leaks, toilet leaks, leaks in the irrigation system and plumbing fixtures are NOT ELIGIBLE

  • the concealed leak was repaired in the main water supply pipe from which water enters the property
  • the leak was fixed within two weeks of notification from the City that a leak may exist
  • proof the leak has been fixed (attach a copy of the plumber’s invoice)
  • the application is made within a term equivalent to one billing period of identification or notification of a potential leak (whichever is sooner)
  • all sections of the application form have been completed.

To read City of Gold Coast’s, “Water and Sewage Leakage Relief Policy” click here

And remember you will receive NO LEAKAGE RELIEF COMPENSATION from Gold Coast Water for any water leak that does not fit these criteria nor will you get any compensation from your insurance company for the water cost.

Leak Prevention Is Always The Best Solution

Installing an AquaTrip water leak detection system after your water meter is a one time only insurance payment because:

  • it protects your entire water reticulation system both external and internal
  • 34% of insurance water damage claims are caused by the failure of flexible connectors to taps and toilets
  • 20% of insurance water damage claims are caused by the failure of appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers
  • 32% of insurance water damage claims are caused by faulty plumbing such as tap connections and hot water tanks
  • the average insurance repair bill for water damage is $30361.00 without considering the heartache of lost precious possessions and the inconvenience

The AquaTrip Water Leak detection system with an integrated automatic shutoff valve supplied and installed by Whywait Plumbing is a permanently installed leak detection protection system that quietly protects against leaks 24/7.

An AquaTrip water leak detection system monitors the flow of water into your property, and will:

  • Shut off the water automatically in the event of a tap left running, a burst pipe, or if a tap, valve, fitting, pipe, toilet, cistern or appliance is leaking.
  • Will save water, reduce wastage and most critically minimise property damage.

An active water leak detection system costs less than the excess on one insurance claim and a fraction of the cost of most annual home insurance premiums, yet it provides your home with a lifetime of protection against such water leak events.

Call Whywait Plumbing Services on (07) 5580 4311 now to get an Aquatrip water leak detection system, installed in your home or business, now.


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