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We Guarantee To Clear Your Gold Coast Blocked Toilet For You Today

A blocked toilet is the same day priority task for Whywait Plumbing as any blockage in a toilet is an unhygienic health hazard. At Whywait we understand having your toilet fully functioning is a priority, so call us now for rapid response same day service to ensure your blocked toilet is cleared now. 


For a blocked toilet same day service call (07) 5580 4311. For non-urgent repairs feel free to send us your details.

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If It’s Toilet Related – We Fix It, Fast! Blocked Toilet, Replacements, Repairs, Emergencies – 7 Day Service!


Guaranteed Same Day Service For A Blocked Toilet, As A Blocked Toilet Is More Than An Inconvenience

blocked toilet Gold Coast cleared by Whywait PlumbingA blocked toilet is the same day priority task for Whywait Plumbing so call us now (07) 5580 4311 to ensure your blocked toilet is cleared fast.

Above all, we know if you are experiencing a blocked toilet it is much more than an inconvenience which is why we treat them as a priority.

In reality, any blockage to a toilet is an unhygienic health hazard, especially if sewage is overflowing onto your floor.

At Whywait, we understand having your toilet fully functioning is a priority that must happen today.

Every blocked drain or blocked toilet is treated as urgent by Whywait Plumbing.

It is very seldom that a blocked toilet clear itself. This is why a call to Whywait Plumbing will ensure our experienced plumbing technicians come fully equipped to clear your blocked toilet and clean up upon completion.

What Do You Do If You Have a Blocked Toilet?

The first thing to do when you discover a blocked toilet is turn off the water to the toilet cistern. Do not keep trying to flush the toilet as it will just make the toilet bowl overflow all over your floor.

If you have a plunger at home for plumbing emergencies, then you can try to clear the blockage by vigorous plunging.

Plunging a toilet is not hard if you have the stomach for it. To plunge your toilet you should do the following:

  • insert the plunger into the toilet until you feel it seal across the toilet pan outlet
  • carefully raise the plunger up and down against the outlet creating resistance
  • plunge up and down about ten times and then remove the plunger to see if the water begins to drain away
  • if the water level has not dropped to the normal level begin another ten plunges

If the plunging does not work then its time to contact Whywait Plumbing so call now (07) 5580 4311 to get your toilet professionally unblocked and checked for the reasons why you are experiencing a blocked toilet.

“Had David and Lachlan attend my house as we have a blocked toilet, they were very professional and helpful. We’re able fix my toilet and explain to me what to do if it happens again. They even explained to me about the valve on the hot water tank I didn’t even no I have to lift it up very helpful”

Alister Williamson

Common Reasons For A Blocked Toilet

A blocked toilet is usually a localised blockage within the toilet pan and the drain connection to the toilet. The five most common reasons for a blocked toilet are:

  • too much toilet paper trying to be flushed away
  • attempting to flush away “flushable” wet wipes in the toilet
  • children dropping toys and other foreign objects into the toilet
  • trying to flush away disposable baby nappies
  • faulty valves in toilet cistern not allowing enough water to be flushed

Remember that a toilet is designed purely to flush away toilet paper, urine and faeces and nothing else.

How Does a Toilet Block?

Toilet blockages are more than an inconvenience! How does a toilet block is a frequently asked question of our plumbers? Your toilet is after the kitchen sink the most commonly used plumbing fixture in your home. It goes without saying a blocked toilet is more than an...

“Whywait show up when they say they will; only charge what they quote; in short Whywait deliver what they advertise. Always had a great customer experience!”

Michael Brennan

Do You Need A Plumber To Fix Your Toilet Today?

At Whywait Plumbing Services our plumbers and gas fitters are here to assist you whenever you need us. Call anytime, we always answer your call!

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Guaranteed Same Day Service For A Blocked Toilet

For blocked toilet emergencies please call (07) 5580 4311 to ensure a rapid response service. For all other plumbing repairs feel free to email us for assistance.

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