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Service Partner Plan

Service Partner Plan

Become a VIP Client at Whywait Plumbing

All Our Client’s Are VIP’s, That’s Why We Recommend Our Service Partner Plan to Assist You With Maintaining Your Property

Service Partner Plan© clients of Whywait Plumbing get extra benefits and service advantages in managing their property assets.

As a Service Partner Plan© client of Whywait Plumbing Services, we guarantee you’ll enjoy peace of mind 365 days a year, knowing we have your plumbing, drainage, roofing and gas infrastructure covered.

Our Service Partner Plan© is the complete plumbing, drainage, roofing and gas care plan to assist you in maintaining your home, business or property.

Our Service Partner Plan© annual audit is focused on locating potential problems before they occur. It encompasses proactive preventative maintenance to preserve the value of your property.

Enquire how you can sign up today to enjoy all the guaranteed client generous benefits listed.

Once you enrol in our Service Partner Plan©, you’ll enjoy these guaranteed client generous benefits:

  • Reduced diagnostic fee from $66.00 to $59.40
  • Priority scheduling, even for after-hours emergencies
  • Never pay another emergency call-out fee as it will always be $59.40 instead of $330.00
  • Minimum of at least 10% discount on all plumbing services not already covered by your Plan
  • Fully inclusive annual audit and inspection of all plumbing, drainage and gas systems to ensure your comfort and security as this allows us to pinpoint potential problems before they become a major repair
  • Fully inclusive annual testing and certification of your hot water tempering valve to ensure your hot water is delivered 50ºC because without a current test certificate you are legally liable if anyone suffers burns from your hot water
  • Fully inclusive annual testing of your properties water meter to check for accuracy if you have an undetected leak in your water reticulation pipes
  • Fully inclusive annual checking of all flexible hose connectors to ensure you have no potential ruptures lurking in your bathrooms or kitchen
  • Your Service Partner Plan is transferable either to your new home or to the family or person who purchases your existing home
  • Exclusive product offers