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Blocked sink drains are more common than you think because your kitchen sink is used multiple times every day increasing the likelihood of a slowly clogging sink drain. 


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Avoid Damaging Your Drains With Harsh Chemicals To Unblock Your Sink. Call The Professionals To Clear The Blockage & Prevent Further Clogging.


Guaranteed Upfront Pricing

Our licensed plumbers will arrive to assess & provide you with options and guaranteed upfront pricing for attending to your blocked sink drain. 

High Pressure Water Jet Rodding

Our superior electric jet rodding equipment is designed to be used inside your kitchen to blast away any blockage in the drain.

CCTV Cameras

With our latest microscopic CCTV drain camera, we can survey a 40mm drain to quickly detect reasons for your blockage & the extent of your drain problem.

Gold Coast Blocked Sink Experts

A blocked sink in your kitchen is often something people try to fix themselves. This is because the sink may be partially blocked and drain slowly for a while.

It’s common for kitchen sinks to trap grime, food scraps, soap scum and other nasties which get trapped over time and prevent water flowing freely down the drain.

When it’s functioning correctly, your kitchen sink is not something you give a second thought to. But when it’s not, a blocked sink drain quickly becomes a major nuisance that has the potential to cause water damage and a big mess in your kitchen cupboards.

What most people don’t realise is that often the problem is not a blocked sink. Frequently the source of the problem is actually a blocked drain in your sewer house drain. 

If the water in your sink just sits there without draining away you need to call in the experts who have the skills to know exactly what is causing the blockage. A blocked sink if left too long can damage walls, cupboards and floors, leaving you with an expensive repair bill. This is why we recommend you call the team at Whywait Plumbing Services when you first notice those gurgling sounds or the slow to drain kitchen sink.

Warning Signs You Have A Blocked Sink

blocked sink repairs from Whywait PlumbingBefore you experience a badly blocked sink in your kitchen you were probably ignoring all the warning signs that your sink was starting to clog up.

The most common sign is your sink is slow to drain with the wastewater struggling to move. Other common symptoms of a blocked sink can be:

  • A pungent or foul smell being emitted from your sink
  • Your drain is making gurgling sounds
  • The wastewater from one sink just flows into your other sink

Whywait’s plumbers are blocked sink specialists and know major causes of a blocked sink are:

  • Foreign objects in the trap
  • Food waste clogging up the trap
  • Cooking fat and oil buildups in the waste-pipe
  • A build-up of badly chopped up food waste from a waste disposal unit
  • Substandard plumbing installation

DIY Diagnosis of Your Blocked Sink

blocked sink repairsBefore you call us to your blocked sink there are a number of things you can try yourself beginning with:

  • Check that your plug and waste drain outlet is not clogged with food scraps or vegetable peelings.
  • If you have a sink plunger then try plunging over the top of the plug and waste drain outlet as vigorous plunging will frequently dislodge partial blockages in the trap or 50mm waste-pipe.
  • If plunging doesn’t work then you may need to remove the trap which can be a bit more challenging. If you have water still in the sink bail it out with a cup into a bucket. Once the water is bailed out of the sink position a bucket under the trap and undo the hand-tight nuts on the trap. This will enable you to pull the trap apart and remove any food solids or fat that is blocking the trap. Reassemble the trap and reinstall once you have removed any food scraps.
  • If your sink is still blocked then it’s likely the blockage is further down in the drain which means you need a plumber.


There is multiple proprietary chemical drain unblocking products on the market. The most common products used are based on hydrochloric acid or caustic soda. Apart from the cost of them, which is generally high, there are multiple environmental and health issues with using these harsh products.

If a chemical product clears your blocked sink it is more by good luck. They seldom work properly and at best create a hole in the debris blockage to create a partial flow. The likelihood is the blockage will reoccur and you will waste more money on chemicals before ultimately having to call a plumber to clear the blocked sink drain properly.

Called Whywait after hours as they were the only ones who answered the phone. Brad was extremely helpful and professional on the phone. This high professionalism continued when the plumbers Dion and Adam arrived. They were very knowledgeable and able to solve our ongoing issues with our toilets. Thank You Guys

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Peter Russell

How To Prevent A Blocked Sink Occurring

Preventing Blockages In A Conventional Sink

Use a drain strainer – If you have a conventional sink plug and waste with no waste disposal unit installed, it is critical that you avoid letting food scraps or vegetable peelings go down the drain. The solution is to purchase a drain strainer that fits the opening of your sink and use it to collect food scraps that can be disposed of in your wheelie bin.

Preventing Blockages In A Conventional Sink

Avoid pouring hot fat, grease or cooking oil down the sink drain – Never pour hot fat or cooking oil down the kitchen sink. They will cool down, congeal, and set in the trap and horizontal pipes. The best approach is to let fats and oils cool in a container and then dispose of the solid fat into the wheelie bin.

Preventing Blockages In A Conventional Sink

Avoid putting tea leaves or coffee grounds down the sink drain – Tea leaves and coffee grounds can accumulate in the drain, expand, and clog at the trap S-bend. It is important to prevent tea leaves and coffee grounds from going down the sink drain. Throw your tea leaves and coffee grounds in the rubbish bin, or you can use them as compost in your garden.

Preventing Blockages In A Sink With A Waste Disposal Unit

Always run cold water while you use your waste disposal – Even though your waste disposal unit is specifically designed to grind up scraps of food, vegetable and fruit things can still get stuck. The best way to prevent this from happening is to always turn on your cold water before you turn on your waste disposal unit. This helps to wash away any stubborn foods or vegetable scraps and always turn off the waste disposal unit first and the water last.

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