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Pre-House Purchase Plumbing Inspection on the Gold Coast

A pre-purchase plumbing inspection when you are purchasing a new home or commercial property reduces the likelihood of you inheriting someone else’s concealed plumbing, drainage or gas nightmares.


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A Pre-Purchase Plumbing Inspection Is An Investment In Your Future

A pre-purchase plumbing inspection when you are purchasing a new home or commercial property reduces the likelihood of you inheriting someone else’s concealed plumbing, drainage or gas nightmares.



Why Do You Need A Pre-Purchase Plumbing Inspection?

At Whywait Plumbing we understand the excitement when purchasing a new home or commercial property. After all, it’s a major investment decision.

Both your solicitor and the real estate agent will usually recommend a building and pest inspection be undertaken. Contrary to what many think a building inspection is only concerned with the structural integrity of the property.

Inevitably there are minor overlaps and the building inspection may allude to guttering and downpipes and the hot water service. Basically, the building inspection may give you a cursory overview of the plumbing but nothing tangible.

Fundamentally this is because a building inspection is undertaken by QBCC licensed residential building inspectors not licensed plumbers.  A residential building inspector is not licensed to undertake plumbing inspections nor do they have the expertise or equipment to undertake a detailed inspection of the plumbing, drainage and gas infrastructure.

A residential building inspector is not licensed to undertake inspections on a commercial building and in reality, this should be undertaken by a structural engineer.

The reassurance you get from a pre-purchase plumbing inspection is an investment that allows you to be certain that the plumbing, drainage and gas infrastructure is compliant and in good repair. It reduces the likelihood of you inheriting the vendors plumbing nightmares.

What Are The Risks Of Not Having A Pre-Purchase Plumbing Inspection?

Concealed plumbing, drainage or gas nightmares are a possibility behind the existing owners selling the property. If this is the reason then you are purchasing someone else’s problems! 

A pre-purchase plumbing inspection potentially saves you not only money but the stress of finding the all too common occurrence of all your sewer drains blocked and overflowing a week after moving into your new home.

Not every aspect of the plumbing, drainage or gas infrastructure of an existing house or commercial property can be visibly seen as 90% of the infrastructure is concealed underground, in the concrete slab, in the internal walls or in the ceiling cavity.

When you inspect the property all you can visually see is the completed installation of a tap or a toilet or the hot water service. You cannot see any of incoming water infrastructure or outgoing wastewater sewer drainage.

We’re all aware purchasing a property is an expensive exercise with a myriad of expenses and taxes. It’s easy to skip booking a pre-purchase plumbing inspection to save a few dollars.

The scary thing is it may come back to haunt you in the long run as you could be buying a home with thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars of plumbing repairs being required to make the property livable.

Even if you cannot see any significant plumbing issues yourself when you are viewing a property, a small leak or blocked pipe doesn’t go away.

Plumbing, drainage and gas problems only get worse over time and are likely to cause subsequential damage that is costly to rectify, sooner or later.

The associated financial cost risks alone make booking a pre-purchase plumbing inspection an invaluable investment otherwise you may have a hot water system that is dangerous as in the photo below.

“Excellent service & value for money with the plumbing problem explained and solved promptly without delay. Gary’s knowledge and industry experience is unquestionable and his honest, down to earth approach is refreshing. Highly recommended plumbing business.”

Justin Hansard

Executive Director, Hansard Group

What Are The Common Plumbing Problems Found? 

With the expert and experienced eyes of a licensed plumber from Whywait undertaking a pre-purchase inspection on your property we will clearly see signs of past problems and potential future problems such as:

  • drain clearing equipment having been used in the past in inspection openings
  • gurgling drains
  • access points drilled into vent pipes to allow access for drain clearing equipment
  • that a toilet has been removed to access the drains for drain clearing equipment
  • the hot water service has been relocated
  • stormwater drains are not running clear
  • water stain marks on the concrete
  • gas connections without a regulator
  • different types of pipes installed
  • downpipes from the roof not connected to stormwater
  • water stains in vanity units
  • a water meter continually ticking over

Invariably pre-purchase plumbing inspections by Whywait Plumbing show up plumbing, drainage and gas problems over 90% of the time, which no one else has identified. These problems range from:

  • tree roots in the drains
  • leaking water pipes
  • water hammer
  • leaking hot water tanks
  • non-compliant and dangerous gas fixture installations

The list of problems we have found over the years is extensive as there are multiple areas of potential failure in every properties plumbing, drainage and gas infrastructure.

All of these problems have the potential to lead to major unexpected financial outlays when often you are stretched to the limit financially. We’ve experienced the grieve and stress of clients purchasing a property that is essentially a lemon, multiple times over the years that could have been avoided.

What Does A Comprehensive Pre-Purchase Plumbing Inspection Include?

Our comprehensive pre-purchase plumbing inspection and written report by Whywait Plumbing’s experienced licensed plumbers encompasses all the areas of plumbing, drainage and gas that are never included in a standard building inspection.

The written report from Whywait Plumbing will enable you to make an informed decision on purchasing the property ensuring that all the plumbing, drainage and gas infrastructure is compliant and functioning correctly. Faults will be identified and detailed in the written report along with the cost of rectification so you can go back to the vendor and renegotiate your purchase price with confidence.

Our comprehensive pre-purchase plumbing inspection is thorough and easy to understand as it will be free of jargon and reports on the following:

  • council as constructed drainage plan (if available)
  • CCTV inspection of house sewer drains
  • CCTV inspection of stormwater drains
  • surface stormwater flow to determine if drainage is adequate
  • water main pressure test to determine if pressure is compliant and to determine any underlying issues
  • water main leakage test
  • condition report of gutters, downpipes and roof flashing’s
  • a condition report on all taps and connections
  • a condition report on bathroom fixtures
  • a condition report on laundry fixtures
  • a condition report on kitchen fixtures
  • a condition report on hot water service tank with working life report
  • a condition report on all hot water valves
  • a condition report on the water reticulation system

“Nathan was brilliant. So efficient and friendly. He got the items that we needed so quickly and installed them only a couple of days after his first visit. We were very impressed. Thank you Whywait Plumbing Services.”

Amanda Mackay

Invest In Your Future Today

The consequences of not having plumbing, drainage or gas infrastructure inspected can be severe and could end up costing you thousands of dollars.

Our comprehensive pre-purchase plumbing inspection is a peace of mind investment. You won’t have to stress about what concealed nightmares may lie within your walls or ceiling or floor slab or underground in your pipes.

With Whywait Plumbing’s pre-purchase inspection you can rest assured you’re buying a home or commercial building with no hidden plumbing, drainage or gas issues.

Find out more about our pre-purchase plumbing inspection by calling our office on (07) 5580 4311 to book your inspection today.

Pre-Purchase Plumbing Inspections

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