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Same-Day Solutions Guaranteed For All Gold Coast Blocked Drains

Blocked drains are stressful, with potential health issues which is why every blocked drain is a priority service call. Our state of the art high-pressure water jet rodding trailer units will clear your Gold Coast blocked drains without any damage. We will even prevent further blockages by locating & pinpointing the cause of the blockage with CCTV drain cameras & sophisticated electronic location units!

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Blocked Drains Enquiries

For same day service for Blocked Drains Gold Coast call (07) 5580 4311. For non-urgent repairs or enquiries feel free to send us your details & we will contact you.

“Slow, bubbling or gurgling drains are not normal – act now because they don’t clear themselves ever!”

We Clear Blocked Drains Gold Coast Fast

Whywait Plumbing is the Gold Coast Blocked Drains specialist, clearing blocked drains on the Gold Coast for over 44 years. Our plumbers unblock your drains, sinks, showers and toilets fast because we have superior high-pressure water jet rodding technology to clear your drains safely.

If your toilet is slow to drain or you hear gurgling sounds in the bathroom then your drains are warning you they are becoming blocked.

If your main sewer house drains blocks, it doesn’t take long for your homes toilets and internal drains to begin to back up. Hopefully, your overflow relief gully works correctly, and the sewage overflows into your garden rather than inside your house. Either way, it’s messy and yucky having to clean up sewage that has overflowed.

Blocked drains, whether backed up or overflowing, are not only inconvenient but can also pose a risk to your health. Gurgling drains, smelly drains or slow draining sinks are all signs that your blocked drains need urgent attention, NOW.

There are multiple reasons for a blocked drain, blocked sink, blocked toilet or overflowing bathroom floor waste. If not fixed quickly they are both a potential health hazard and property damage risk.

Signs You Have A Possible Water Leak & Need A Leak Detection Expert

Let’s face it, water leaks are common. Where there are water pipes and sewer drains, there is the potential for water leaks. The problem is that sometimes the signs you have a water leak are hidden. You may not realise you have a water leak until the damage is done.

These are the most telltale signs that you need to call us and book a water leak detection plumber ASAP:

  • Reduced or fluctuating water pressure at taps;
  • Reduced temperature hot water at your taps;
  • More expensive than normal City of Gold Coast water rates notice;
  • Wet or damp walls both inside or outside;
  • Wet patches or isolated puddles forming on your lawn that never dry up;
  • Cracking in concrete or paved areas;
  • Wet or damp carpet;
  • A mouldy, damp odour;
  • Mould stains on walls or tile grout;
  • The sound of water running when no tap is turned on;
  • Your water meter keeps spinning when all taps are turned off;

CCTV Drain Inspection

The short video below illustrates clearly how after we’ve cleared your blocked drain we will do a thorough visual inspection of the drain using our CCTV sewer drain camera. This enables us to pinpoint the exact locations and reasons for the blocked drain plus the extent of the potential problems with your drain.

Our Promise to YOU is that We Clear Blocked Drains on the Gold Coast FAST, Plus We Will Find the Cause of Your Blocked Drain and Give You Fully Costed Solutions to Permanently Rectify

DIY Warning

We’ve all read the DIY articles and seen the YouTube videos telling us how to unblock our drains using baking soda & vinegar or plungers and even a mop handle easily! What these articles and videos neglect to mention is the potential damage you can cause to your fixtures, such as toilets, using these methods. Plus the associated health risks to you and your family.

While it may cost you a few hundred dollars for a plumber to unblock your drains properly, it could cost you thousands to replace drainage damaged by DIY drain clearing.

With Whywait getting your blocked drains flowing again today is as fast as 1-2-3-4-5-6-7

1 Call to Schedule an Appointment

Call us 24/7 to schedule an appointment for one of our licensed plumbers to come to your home or business premises. We’re locals with 7-day service with guaranteed upfront pricing.

2 Arrive & Assess Your Blocked Drain

One of our licensed plumbers will arrive to assess and provide you with options and guaranteed upfront pricing for attending to your blocked drain. Not every blocked drain requires sophisticated high-pressure water jetrodding technology which is why we need to assess every blocked drain on-site.

3 Clear Your Blocked Drain

Our service utes will arrive with our Spartan high-pressure water jetrodding unit, Spartan CCTV sewer drain cameras and electronic locator. Once you approve us to proceed we will attend to clearing the blocked drain.

4 CCTV Inspection of Drain

Once the blocked drain is flowing freely we will do a thorough visual inspection using our Spartan CCTV sewer camera so we can pinpoint the exact location and reasons for the blockage and the extent of the problem with your drain

5 Sonar Locate The Position

Locate within your property exactly where the location is of any problems with broken pipes and root infiltration utilising our electronic sonar locator that detects a beacon signal in the sewer drain camera

6 Clean Up Our Work Area

Clean up of the area we have been working including removal of any sewerage overflow plus disinfection of the entire area using our chemical-free Aquatemp plant-based enzyme cleaning solutions

7 Fully Costed Permanent Solution Options

Discuss with you a range of fully costed permanent solutions or a preventative maintenance programme that needs to be undertaken to ensure you do not repeat the experience of blocked drains

Same day service for Gold Coast, Tweed & Logan
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