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Grease Trap Maintenance Reduces The Risk Of Lost Business From Grease Trap Blockages

Grease trap servicing from Whywait Plumbing will keep your business running smoothly. Maintaining your commercial grease trap is a legal requirement. A blocked grease trap is not only disruptive but an unsightly, unhygienic health hazard.

Don’t Let Your Grease Trap Impact on Your Business

Disruption to business operations for a coffee shop, restaurant, cafe, hotel kitchen, commercial kitchen, shopping centre, theme park or any commercial business is an everyday threat caused by trade waste drains, pump wells and grease traps failing to perform that have critical business and financial implications.

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The business disruptions that commonly occur due to poor grease trap servicing and maintenance are:

  • blocked trade waste drains due to a build-up of excessive fats, oils and grease
  • blocked trade waste drains due to the grease trap becoming clogged up with solidified fat and grease
  • sewer overflow inside the building due to a blocked drain or grease trap
  • offensive odour release both inside a building and outside
  • pump well pump systems failing due to the effect of fats, oil and grease on pump impellers

The cost to any business of this type of disruption due to poor grease trap servicing cannot be understated with cleanup costs, customer dissatisfaction, staff dissatisfaction, poor reputation to name just a few.

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The Whywait Grease Trap Solution

Whywait Plumbing has a guaranteed grease trap servicing and maintenance solution, in a grease trap source control maintenance system. A solution that is purpose designed to every specific grease trap application.

Every grease trap installation and jurisdiction has differing requirements with governance,  maintenance requirements, sustainability and responsibility.

So a Whywait grease trap source control maintenance system enables every grease trap installation to be individually managed and maintained so that it:

  • eliminates blockages in drains and grease traps
  • eliminates offensive odour
  • managed and measured for future growth
  • managed proactively by the implementation of a management system that eliminates business disruption
  • guarantees accountability to reduce environmental and workplace incidents
  • a guaranteed proactive and supported solution to grease trap infrastructure assets
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Proactive Grease Trap Servicing Solutions

The Whywait grease trap source control maintenance system is a proactive system that has at its heart a dependable, automated injection dosing system. This allows for convenient and dependable automated dosing of the grease trap drainage infrastructure at a predetermined schedule.

The automated dosing unit is installed as part of the trade waste drainage infrastructure to allow for easy access and to ensure dosing occurs throughout the maximum amount of infrastructure as possible.

Once installed the changes in the operating environment will be rapid and will ensure results and benefits previously thought impossible:

  • eliminate blockages and sewer overflows
  • eliminate offensive odour discharge
  • eliminate unscheduled grease trap pump outs
  • remove the risk of flood damage to people, property and infrastructure
  • add a layer of protection to workplace, health and safety compliance
  • remove the risk of environmental pollution

Solving Grease Trap Servicing Issues Is A Phone Call Away

Every Whywait grease trap source control maintenance system is purpose-designed to the specific grease trap itself. To accomplish the best results for your business contact Whywait Plumbing today on (07) 5580 4311 to undertake an on-site obligation free assessment of your existing installation and infrastructure.

We are your grease trap servicing, relining and rehabilitation specialists and can answer all your questions to help you make the right decision and that goes for all your plumbing needs!

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