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Here at Whywait Plumbing we have been asked the question why should I use a licensed plumber, what is the difference between a licensed plumber and an unlicensed plumber. Well here in Queensland and for the fact throughout Australia the answer is simple as all plumbers are licensed as are all companies that are plumbing contractors. There is no such occupation listing as an unlicensed plumber. No one other than a licensed plumber can legally undertake work on any part of your water or drainage system.

We all take for granted the clean drinking water when you turn on the tap. We never think twice about the sewer waste that disappears when you flush the toilet. However, these everyday habits are a major concern when clean water does not come out of a tap or sewer waste rushes to the top of the toilet and overflows. These are the moments when you think about hiring a plumber and wonder who can be trusted.

Despite the myriad of handymen who advertise they can do plumbing along with every other skilled trade description the truth is only a skilled, licensed, professional in plumbing services can get the job done in a compliant, legal manner. There are a number of reasons to consider why hiring a licensed plumbing contractor is in best interest of you, your family and your plumbing and drainage system.

  • They are at the top of their profession with licences issued by the Queensland Government’s Plumbing Industry Council and Building Services Authority
  • Licensed plumbers are familiar with different plumbing problems. Generally, plumbing systems are an integral part of your home. A professional licensed plumber understands this and will approach each installation or repair service with dedicated precision. You want someone who knows the layout of your plumbing system to guarantee the cause of the problem is isolated and fixed. A handyman is an amateur who frequently makes things worse by fixing the wrong part or installing a faulty system.
  • Licensed Plumbers receive high level federally legislated training to a standard curriculum at TAFE colleges plus their on job training
  • Licensed plumbing professionals have earned this distinctive title because of training and licensing requirements. Hiring a licensed and insured plumbing professional is a guarantee that they can handle any type of plumbing job. This investment is also a guarantee that plumbing professionals want to build their reputation on satisfying customers.
  • Licensed Plumbing Professionals have the correct tools and know how to use them.Training is one thing but having the proper tools and equipment to perform plumbing jobs successfully is another. Plumbing tools are not cheap and licensed plumbing contractors understand that investing in the right tools is an investment in getting the job done right.They not only have the right tools, but they also know that using the right ones makes the job easier. You will save on time and labour costs, and they avoid the frustration of doing a poor job. Licensed plumbing contractors are serious about their work and you can be confident that your plumbing needs will be adequately fixed.
  • Cheap solutions create expensive repairs as too many people look for ways to save money when an unexpected repair is required. There is nothing wrong with being a good budget manager of your money. However, depending on a cheap, inexpensive fix for a major plumbing problem is not the way to learn that cheaper is not better. Looking for the cheapest route to pay for a plumbing job can lead to more frustrations. Additionally, you will frequently pay more to have Whywait Plumbing remove what was done illegally and reinstall in a legal compliant manner.
  • Licensed plumbers will complete the work and not charge more than is necessary. They are the ones who are trained and experienced in unblocking drains and fixing leaking water pipes. When you flush the toilet after their work, you can expect to be satisfied.
  • Most licensed plumbing contractors have at least 10 years of professional experience. Some concentrate on one specific plumbing area such as blocked drains. Others may specialise in plumbing maintenance to existing buildings or some companies only undertake new construction.

Always remember whether you need plumbing work for a renovation project or to stop a leaking tap or to clear a blocked drain a licensed plumbing contractor is your only choice.