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“Choose Reverse Osmosis…”

For the Purest Water You Can Drink at Home!

Your Body Absorbs Harmful Chemicals. But It’s not Designed to Filter Them Out. Reason Enough to Consider a Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System for You Home.

What Your Body Absorbs, And What It Can’t Filter Out.

More and more, organic foods are being made available to you in restaurants, food stores and vitamin shops. The more you consume organic foods and beverages, the fewer toxic chemicals you’re ingesting…and that promotes a healthier lifestyle.

Unfortunately, there are still far too many inorganic substances we consume on a daily basis, and increasingly this comes to us through our potable drinking water supplies.

Fluoride, for example, remains a hot topic throughout the world.  Specifically, the so-called dental benefits of this chemical compound are not universally accepted as a given.  But now fluoride has been added to Queensland’s water supply, and that’s a reality that must be faced.

Whether you are pro or con on the fluoride as a water additive, fluoride is one more toxin added to your body…and one more toxin that your body cannot filter out.  So here’s the question:  if your body can’t filter out harmful toxins, shouldn’t you be looking for ways to have your them filtered out for you before you drink the water?

The only proven method to remove fluoride in the long term is through Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration (RO).  Simply put, Reverse Osmosis filtration is the total removal of introduced chemicals, dissolved salts, and metallic ions. Water that has undergone Reverse Osmosis water filtration can be up to 98% pure.

Advantages of Drinking Reverse Osmosis Filtered Water

  • RO filtration eliminates almost all salts & minerals from your drinking water.
  • Drinking RO purified water prevents incompatible toxins from entering our bodies.
  • Best of all it removes & flushes out inorganic mineral deposits already present…the kind that create arthritis in the joints, deposits in the gallstones & kidney stones & deposits on artery walls.
  • RO also filters out sulfates, arsenic, aluminum radioactivity and all other harmful parasites and viruses.
  • It eliminates the spots and discolouration (dental fluorosis) on your teeth.

Disadvantages of Drinking Reverse Osmosis Filtered Water

  • RO filtered water is stripped of its chemistry and is demineralised
  • RO water is free of components that balance or stabilise the pH of water, so water with a low pH is known to be aggressive (corrosive).
  • RO water always leaves some mineral component that takes the edge off the aggression, however if a simple pH test indicated the water is below 6.8 pH it may also have the ability to leach precious minerals from our body.

But let’s not forget that RO water is healthiertastes better, is odour-free, and the systems are easy to maintain.

The purpose of an RO membrane is to remove 95-98 % of all contaminants and it does this extremely well. Once we have this near pure water we can begin to develop it to suit our needs.

At Whywait Plumbing Services, we’re Reverse Osmosis and Water Filtration Experts

Lots of plumbers can install Reverse Osmosis systems.But there’s only one Whywait Plumbing Services…the company that’s highly proficient in all aspects of water quality and filtration.

One conversation or in-home visit with us, and you’ll discover the Whywait difference for yourself.

For a no-obligation proposal and quote, or simply to learn more about how Reverse Osmosis water filtration can benefit you and your family, contact the water filtration pros at Whywait Plumbing Services.  There’s so much we can do to help.

by Gary Mays

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