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Every business relies on many factors and unexpected disruptions are an everyday occurrence to be managed . From a plumbing perspective the best management technique is preventative maintenance which is critical plumbing advice for business owners. One of the most disruptive plumbing problems faced by business owners is a sudden leak or failure of a plumbing appliance or fixture.

Whywait Plumbing has always championed preventative maintenance as the most proactive approach to reducing the disruption created by that unexpected plumbing emergency. We recommend that to be proactive as a business owner undertake the following:

  • Create and update a plumbing inventory either on paper or on a spreadsheet that is easily accessible and updateable. You need to itemise  your critical plumbing fixtures and appliances with a proper description, date of installation, supplier, any maintenance undertaken and its function.
  • If you lease your business premises get clarification from the owner or their property manager to understand what areas of the plumbing installation they are responsible for. Often this can be vague in leases until there is a plumbing emergency then everyone runs around trying to find out who is responsible for what.
  • Establish a good working and professional relationship with an experienced commercial maintenance plumber who can provide guaranteed 24 hour service and critically provides a 1 hour emergency service. Don’t get mislead into giving your work to a sole operator who will promise the world but in our experience seldom deliver the service experience that you require. Experienced commercial plumbers know when to recommend a new installation or a repair solution which will provide long-term safety and satisfaction for your business.
  • Once you have established a relationship with an experienced commercial maintenance plumber set up your critical plumbing preventative maintenance plan. This will entail a site inspection to evaluate the state of your plumbing systems and all of the fixtures which can be recorded as part of the plumbing inventory. Ensure that regular check-ups are scheduled as a proactive approach to ensuring optimal function and prolonging the life of your plumbing systems, fixtures and appliances. For example regular inspections of drains, bucket floor wastes, hot water heaters, pumps, gas appliances, back-flow valves, tempering valves and water filters are a critical necessity.

For a proactive approach to preventative maintenance on all your commercial plumbing systems and long term satisfaction contact Whywait Plumbing anytime for the critical advice that only an experienced commercial licensed plumber can provide.

By Gary Mays

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