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When you contact Whywait Plumbing Services for assistance with your property in Paradise Point, you will speak directly with a qualified plumber rather than a call centre representative. With over 47 years of experience servicing Paradise Point, we provide prompt emergency response within one hour for all your Plumbing, Drainage, and Gas Emergencies. Our commitment is to deliver transparent pricing and professional, dependable, customer-friendly service, catering to both residential and commercial clients.


For same day service call (07) 5580 4311. For non-urgent repairs feel free to send us your details.

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Your Trusted, Reliable & Local 24/7 Paradise Point Plumbers

Why You Should Choose Whywait Plumbing?

Whywait Plumbing Services has been your local, reliable, professional Paradise Point plumbers for over 47 years, since 1976.

We really are your local Paradise Point plumbers because our office and workshop are just a quick 12-minute drive away.

As your local Paradise Point Plumbers, we have been part of the transformation of Paradise Point with the developments of Sovereign Islands and Ephraim Island. This first-hand knowledge has enabled us to undertake hundreds of plumbing jobs, from blocked drains to detecting & repairing leaking pipes to maintaining local businesses such as Paradise Point Florist, Bendigo Bank and Manos Restaurant, just to name a few.

Whether it’s as simple as repairing a sink mixer tap, clearing a blocked toilet or installing a water connection to a fridge, clients rely on Whywait Plumbing because of our high standards and experience in all areas of plumbing and gas repairs. 

No job is ever too big or too small in Paradise Point, so whether you have an emergency plumbing situation or a routine plumbing maintenance job or just need some expert advice, Whywait Plumbing is your local Paradise Point Plumbers, and we are only ever a phone call away 24/7.

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“Gary from Why Wait Plumbing completed my Water Efficiency Certificate. From the booking to the completion of the service I was very happy with everything that was provided. I was kept up to date via email and phone. And have them booked out again at our new home to install fridge plumbing. I would not hesitate in referring Why Wait Plumbing. Gary was so friendly and efficient! Thanks Again! And see you next week! ✌🏽”

Keli Magerman

Maintenance Plumbing Cannot Be Done By An Amateur Handyman In Paradise Point

Maintenance of your plumbing and drainage fixtures in Paradise Point is not a task for the unlicensed, inexperienced, ill-equipped amateur handyman.

Your plumbing and drainage infrastructure can be complex to protect your health. Maintaining your plumbing should not be subject to assumptions and speculation from an unlicensed, inexperienced amateur who gets his work off Airtasker and his plumbing knowledge from the Bunnings website and YouTube.

A handyman is not a licensed plumber and cannot legally work on any part of any building’s plumbing, drainage or gas infrastructure.

At Whywait, we have specialised in providing superior plumbing maintenance services for 47 years. We ensure every Paradise Point Plumbers job is attended to promptly and professionally. Above all, we guarantee that all plumbing, hot water and drainage infrastructure we work on for you is legally compliant to safeguard your family’s health and insurance coverage.

“Choose Whywait, and consider it done.”

No job is ever too big or too small for us in Paradise Point. Whether you have a blocked drain or an emergency plumbing situation or a routine plumbing maintenance job, Whywait Plumbing Services can help you today.

Whywait, as your local Paradise Point Plumbers understands, the disruption to your home’s routine or your daily business operations can be both hugely disruptive plus a financial disaster if you experience a plumbing emergency, which is why we provide 7-day service with 24/7 emergency service.

Whywait Plumbing has always been an industry leader, supporting local Paradise Point homeowners and businesses with all their plumbing, drainage, gas fitting & roofing needs for 47 years.

If you have a leaking roof, blocked drains, leaking taps, no hot waterleaking toilets, blocked kitchen sinks, leaking water pipes in fact, any type of plumbing in your business premises or home, you’ll probably be pleased to know that Whywait Plumbing guarantees you full plumbing support and emergency services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You can always rely on Whywait for expert plumbing solutions, knowledgeable advice and absolute professionalism. Above all, we guarantee a courteous, professional service from our licensed plumbers coupled with good old-fashioned advice.

As your local Paradise Point Plumbers, service is our priority designed to fit your busy life because, as we always say, “Is Today Soon Enough”.

your plumbing hates you

Paradise Point plumbing problems NEVER FIX THEMSELVES, “Choose Whywait and consider it done.”

Routine Plumbing Maintenance Jobs We Undertake in Paradise Point

As your local Paradise Point Plumbers, we can provide a same-day plumbing service attending to all plumbing, drainage, roofing or gas maintenance, installation and emergency services.

We attend to plumbing jobs in Paradise Point every day and listed below are our most popular Paradise Point Plumbers jobs.

Plumbing Maintenance In Paradise Point Must Be Legally Performed by QBCC Licensed Plumbers And Plumbing Contractors

In recent months there has been a huge spike in unlicensed handymen advertising that they can perform plumbing work in Paradise Point. It has become such a threat to public health that the QBCC has issued a public warning under section 20J 1(i) of the Queensland Building and Construction Commission Act 1991.

Your plumbing is not a simplistic plaything. Plumbing is classified as a critical public health infrastructure. Legally compliant plumbing, drainage and gasfitting work are essential to ensuring the health and safety of the entire community.

This ensures the safety and protection of the entire community by providing clean, safe drinking water, sanitary drains and sewers to dispose of wastewater, and gas pipes and appliances that are fit for purpose.

We are aware there is a perception that using a licensed plumber or gas fitter is expensive. The reality is using a licensed plumber is an investment that protects your family’s health. Using an unlicensed handyman can null and void your insurance coverage plus potentially leave you with expensive legal and financial implications.

Whywait Plumbing Are Your Fully QBCC Licensed & Insured Paradise Point Plumbers

Whether you are a commercial property manager or a business owner, or a homeowner, we all know plumbing or drainage problems are frustrating and will never fix themselves.

As your local Paradise Point Plumbers at Whywait Plumbing, we know the most important thing when you have a plumbing or drainage problem is an immediate response 24/7 when you phone us, plus speedy service to fix your problem.

Above all, you must choose a professional, experienced maintenance plumbing company. Regardless of your plumbing, drainage or gas fitting problems, Whywait Plumbing has the experience and expertise dating from 1976 to tackle the most challenging plumbing or drainage issues in Paradise Point. Therefore we are the perfect choice to assist you anytime.

Our extensive experience of over 47 years as your local professional Paradise Point Plumbers and our cutting-edge technology equipment save us time and saves you money. If you have any plumbing, drainage, roofing or gas problems, give us a call to experience our expertise and professionalism that makes the problem disappear quickly.

Become a Paradise Point VIP Client and save money by joining our Service Partner Plan

All of our Paradise Point Service Partner Plan© clients of Whywait Plumbing get extra benefits and service advantages in managing their assets.

As a Service Partner Plan© client of Whywait Plumbing Services, we guarantee you’ll enjoy peace of mind 365 days a year, knowing we have your plumbing, drainage, roofing and gas infrastructure covered.

Our Service Partner Plan© is the complete plumbing, drainage, roofing and gas care plan to assist you in maintaining your home, business or property.

Our Service Partner Plan© annual audit is focused on locating potential problems before they occur. It encompasses proactive preventative maintenance to preserve the value of your property.

Enquire how you can simply be signed up to enjoy all of the guaranteed client generous benefits available.

Paradise Point Plumbers with service partner plan from Whywait Plumbing

Google Review

Earlier this week I woke to find the main water pipe that supplies water to the house had burst underground and I had to shut the water supply off. I called Whywait Plumbing Services at 7:30am and they arrived around 30 minutes later and got straight into fixing it. I was quoted upfront so I knew what the cost would be but was pleasantly surprised when the invoice was a bit less as the job took less time then expected. I highly recommend Whywait Plumbing Services and will definitely use them again, they were professional and courteous.

Daryn Lewis



Electric, gas & solar hot water repairs, we will repair, supply and install hot water systems 7 days.


Suspect a water leak? Expert water leak detectors we detect and fix the leak on the spot!


Leaking toilets, blocked toilets, toilet replacements, if your toilet needs fixing, we are the ones to call!


All Gold Coast plumbing repairs including plumbing inspections, maintenance, servicing, diagnosis & installations.


Blocked drains & blocked sinks to blocked stormwater drains, we will safely clear your drains without damaging the pipes.


Licenced QLD Gas Fitters, we can connect gas appliances, issue gas compliance certificates and repair gas problems 24/7.