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The plumbers at Whywait Plumbing are constantly bewildered by some people think if they ignore the smell of gas that it will go away. Gas leaks are never something you should ignore, even if you perceive it to be that you only have a small gas leak. A suspected gas leak can be dangerous and you should deal with it immediately.

If you smell that distinctive gas smell inside your home we recommend the following:

  • Evacuate everyone from the house and open all of your doors and windows
  • leave the house and turn off gas at the meter (or LP Gas cylinder if that’s what you’re using).
  • If you can and it’s safe to do, switch the power off at the electricity meter box too, so electrical appliances can’t generate a spark.
  • Then move to a safe distance and call your plumber or local gas authority (see below).

If you smell that distinctive gas smell outside your home then we recommend the following:

  • Immediately turn off or remove all sources of ignition such as cigarettes, mobile phones, and any outdoor electrical equipment in the immediate are
  • Call the 000 emergency number and inform you have a gas leak and where you suspect the leak is plus any other relevant information that you have observed
  • Turn off the gas at your meter

Your gas meter is usually located at the side or front of your home and to turn off do the following:

  • Turn the valve at the gas meter to the OFF position
  • If the OFF position is not obvious or has worn off over time then generally the valve is off when the handle is at right angles or to the gas inlet pipe.

Modern gas appliances are almost fool proof  but like all appliance they must be maintained.  Signs to look for and observe that may indicate that your gas appliances may not be operating correctly include:

  • fluctuating flames on your cook top
  • you are running out of hot water
  • you are running out of gas
  • faint smell of gas
  • sudden increase in gas bill
  • hissing noises from pipe joints
  • flames are yellow or red

If you observe any of these appearances or problems then turn off the appliance and contact Whywait Plumbing immediately for a gas-fitter to be sent to your home. Because if nothing else you and your family may be at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Finally never ever attempt to fix a gas leak yourself. It must always be undertaken by a licensed gas-fitter. Repairing a gas leak must always be undertaken by a licensed gas fitter with a gas certificate of compliance issued where pipes, fittings or appliances are modified or replaced. Very simply all these requirements are the law, they are not voluntary options.

When it comes to installing, repairing and maintaining your gas pipes & appliances you can depend on the professionalism, expertise and experience you receive from the experienced gas fitting experts at Whywait Plumbing.

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