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How hard is it to renovate my bathroom? Well if you ask the nice man at Bunnings he will tell you it is really easy and sell you everything you need and tell you how easy it is to do it yourself. The truth is renovating a bathroom is one of the hardest renovation projects to undertake.

If you like many other Australians have just finished watching “The Block” on channel 9 or are currently watching “The Renovators” on channel 10 you will receive the message that it is easy to renovate your bathroom.

Having renovated both our bathrooms at home let me assure it is not easy. It is time consuming, messy and can easily become extremely overwhelming with all of the product choices that exist from tiles to taps to showers to vanities to baths to mirrors to bidets to accessories and so it goes on.

As recently as 20 years ago every product that went into your bathroom was made in Australia so the choice was limited. But at least it was all easy to repair and locate spare parts when anything broke. You knew every product was tested and approved for use in Australia. Now we have product from all over the world. Much of it is just throwaway product as parts are unobtainable for repairs. Most frightening much of it has never been tested or certified for use in Australia leading to frightening consequences should you ever have a flood from these products and need to claim on your insurance policy.

For all of the above reasons and many more is why Whywait Plumbing Services installed a PlumberDirect showroom last year. This has ensured that we sell quality product from an Australian company that has 10 year warranties on most product along with ample spare parts if needed and is all approved for use in Australia.

Plumbing products like so many other products have become part of the worldwide fashion industry. Sadly a bathroom from 3 years ago is terribly out of date today. Luckily it can be easy to update with accessories that are available now. Our PlumberDirect showroom has a great display of affordable, quality taps, vanities and accessories.

For those who want true designer bathroom product we now have access to the Faroe Collection. Faroe is an Australian owned brand of bathroom furniture, baths and accessories that is revolutionising the Australian market. Inspired by some of the finest designs and craftsmanship that exist in bathrooms in Milan, Stockholm, Vienna and Paris, the Faroe selection has finally arrived in Queensland.

So if you are serious about doing a quality bathroom renovation come and visit the PlumberDirect showroom and let us put together a design and construct proposal that is practical and will ensure as little disruption as possible to your family routine.