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For toilet connoisseurs there is a parallel-universe, luxury toilet market where the bathroom throne costs more than a large widescreen plasma television. At Whywait Plumbing a good quality toilet suite fully installed starts at $268.55 and even a top quality luxury toilet suite is fully installed at $791.96.

Although unavailable in Australia and legally unable to be installed as it does not have an Australian compliant WaterMark it is still state of the art luxury. Kohler a US company has launched the new $6,390 Numi toilet suite.

The Numi toilet suite is Kohler’s most advanced, combining unmatched design,
technology and engineering in personal comfort and cleansing. Its striking design and features mark a standard of excellence that truly is in a parallel universe.

So what do you get from a toilet suite that costs $6390 without tax and without the cost of installation. The features are amazing as you can see below:et

  1. A 4.85 litre flush for big jobs and a 2.27 litre flush for number-ones, an industry low that uses 25 percent less water than standard dual-flush toilets. (Think of how much money you’ll save!)
  2. A motion-detector automatically opens the lid and can tell when you’re standing, which triggers a low-water flush.
  3. The retractable self-cleaning bidet wand is fully controllable. Use the toilet’s remote to aim the stream, adjust water pressure and temperature, and switch on the air dryer.
  4. The heated seat can be adjusted to your preferred temp, and you can direct ground-level vents to blow warm air at your bare tootsies if you forget slippers.
  5. The 380mm x 660mm toilet bowl automatically cleans itself and has a charcoal air filter to eliminate offensive odours. Ambient lighting through translucent side panels helps set the mood.
  6. Plug in your MP3 player or switch on the FM radio using the touchscreen wireless remote. Then rock out (or drown out, um, sounds) with the 15-watt speakers built into the toilet’s behind.

So if you are in love with the latest and greatest gadgets standby because the luxury toilet market is coming your way.

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