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Gas compliance plate must be installed for all properties verifying the work on all gas is safe & legally compliant.

Not all plumbers are gasfitters with many people thinking that regular plumbers can work on gas appliances and troubleshoot any problems that they are having with their gas system.

To the casual observer it appears that gas and water seem to flow through the same type of pipe systems but the reality is that the way in which they work is totally different.

Gas systems both natural gas and LPG are a lot more dangerous and the slightest mistake can create a gas leak leading to a potential explosion or a fire. For this reason alone if you are having a problem with your gas pipes or appliances you must use a plumbing company that is a licensed contractor to work on gas and employs licensed gasfitters.

You should be aware of the following when undertaking service or installation work on your gas system:

  • The company must be licensed: In Queensland all companies or individuals undertaking gas work are required to have a contractors licence from Queensland Building and Construction Commission, (QBCC) plus every person working on gas must have a a gas work licence issued by the Chief Gas Examiner from the Department of Natural Resources and Mines. Without these licenses they cannot legally touch your gas appliances or piping system.
  • Ensure you get all legal certification: A gasfitter doing any servicing or installation work on any part of gas system must affix a “Gas System Compliance Plate” as illustrated above on all new installations. The gasfitter is also legally obliged to give you a “Gas System Compliance Certificate” immediately after the installation is complete which you must keep as it is a legal document indicating the work is legally compliant.

Legally your obligations if you use gas in your home or business are that you must take all reasonable steps to ensure that your gas system complies with safety requirements.  This is complied with simply by:

  • regularly having gas appliances serviced
  • ensure all gas servicing and installation is carried out by a licensed gasfitter
  • ensuring you have compliance plates affixed and you retain copies of all gas certificates on site

Ultimately you as the property owner will be liable for the cost of rectification of non-compliant gas installations if the gasfitter who undertook the work cannot be identified plus it potentially makes your insurance coverage null and void.

By Gary Mays