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Toilet Flushing No-No’s: A Plea from Your Toilet

For maintenance plumbing companies, this topic is dear to our hearts and your drains. The things you should never, ever flush down the toilet. If your toilet could talk, it would beg you not to flush these items. But since it can’t, we’ll do the talking for it!

The Not-So-Flushable Wipes

Baby wipes and cleaning wipes may say “flushable,” but trust us, they’re not. Wipes are like that one friend who overstays their welcome – they don’t break down as toilet paper does. The result? A clogged-up mess that will have you calling us in a panic. They always belong in the rubbish bin.

Nappies and Sanitary Products: A Horror Story

Nappies and sanitary products, we all get it, it’s an instinct to want to flush these away, but these items are about as welcome in your drains as a chainsaw-wielding clown. They swell up and cause blockages, so spare your toilet the horror and toss them in the rubbish bin instead.

Cotton Buds and Dental Floss: Undercover Agents of Chaos

Cotton buds and dental floss are ultimately deadly in your drains. These small, innocent-looking items are like undercover agents of chaos. They tangle and trap other debris, building up massive pipe-clogging gangs. Save your plumbing system (and your sanity) by disposing of these villains in the rubbish.

Cooking Grease, Fat and Food Scraps Your Toilet’s Worst Enemy

Cooking grease, fat, and food scraps is a huge no-no. The only thing your toilet wants to eat is toilet paper. Anything else, especially grease and food scraps, will leave it feeling bloated and sluggish – not to mention the havoc it wreaks on your drains. If you want a food waste disposal unit, install one in your kitchen sink. So show your toilet some love by keeping its diet clean and simple.

Medications: A Nasty Cocktail for Your Water Supply

Sure, it seems logical to flush expired pills, but when you do, you’re giving your local water supply a nasty cocktail of chemicals. So instead, be a good neighbour and dispose of medications at designated drop-off points.

Goldfish: The Environmental Impact

We know it’s a classic funeral-at-sea scenario, but trust us, your toilet is not the gateway to a better life for your fishy friend. Flushing fish can introduce diseases and invasive species to local waterways, so please, let Nemo rest in peace in a more environmentally friendly way.

Treat Your Toilet Kindly

The next time you’re tempted to flush something other than toilet paper, remember that your toilet is a delicate soul with a sensitive stomach. So treat it kindly, and it will return the favour by not turning your bathroom into a scene from a horror movie.

Follow the Three Ps: Pee, Poop, and (Toilet) Paper

So, there you have it! The unwritten (well, now written) rules of toilet flushing are brought to you by the friendly plumbers at Whywait Plumbing. So, save your drains, your plumber, and your credit card balance by only flushing the three Ps: pee, poop, and (toilet) paper. And if you find yourself in a plumbing pickle, don’t hesitate to call us – we’re always here to save the day (or your drains, at least).