Spending money to create a stylish, modern bathroom will increase the value of your home more than spending the equivalent amount of money anywhere else in your home. If you are looking to sell your home, then $20000 spent with Whywait Plumbing on reviving your bathroom will increase buyer interest and enhance your asking price. If renovated correctly, you can expect to get twice as much back as what you’ve invested. The increase in value is frequently two to three times that of spending comparable sums on bathrooms or lounge rooms.

Bathroom renovations do not have to take weeks or cost tens of thousands of dollars either. Frequently all that is required is new taps, a fresh coat of paint and a well-placed new mirror to open a bathroom up.

You should be aware that any renovation work will put your bathroom out of action for a few days requiring alternative bathroom arrangements. If you have some basic decorating skills, then it is something you can manage yourself as you can save a great deal of money by undertaking your own redecorating. Be aware though, despite what the nice man at Bunnings may tell you, that for some tasks you are required by law to hire qualified contractors. This is in the main for plumbing and electrical functions as you can undertake painting and tiling yourself if you feel competent to do so.

Updating to a completely renovated, modern, stylish bathroom is the ultimate solution, but in reality, is expensive as it requires stripping back the bathroom to bare concrete floors and stripping the wall linings.  If budget is not an issue and you have a second bathroom to use while undertaking the renovations, then it is the way to proceed as the end result is a brand new bathroom.

But if you’re willing to learn about what is available, do the decorating yourself and how things work you can save thousands of dollars using a few simple ideas to add depth and dimension to an existing bathroom. Four inexpensive, yet straightforward ideas are:

  • Upgrading the taps, spouts, and other fittings such as towel rails in your bathroom can have a surprisingly significant effect on how your bathroom looks. Moving from outdated accessories to modern, sleek designs will give your bathroom as much of a facelift as replacing the bath, shower and vanity in many instants.
  • Rethink your lighting as most bathrooms only use a single light source, which radiates from the middle of the ceiling. Installing several light fittings as mood lighting in various key points will give your bathroom an entirely different feel. You can also change how the lighting works by adding mirrors to reflect the existing light on different angles, which opens up darker corners.
  • Changing the colour scheme in your bathroom can turn it into a whole new bathroom. How much it costs to do so will depend on how radically you want to change things. A new shade of paint is an advantageous and relatively inexpensive way to recolour your bathroom compared with retiling. Upgrading your shower doors and adding a feature wall of tiles will work well with new colours to create a whole fresh feel.

Simple bathroom renovations provided that you approach it from the right direction and manage it properly though does not need to involve any stress and can be tremendously rewarding both financially and personally. The key to a stress-free bathroom renovation is to know what is required and to have a clear idea of what you want before you begin.

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