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Gold Coast Licensed Backflow Prevention Testing Services

Backflow prevention testing is an annual test that is legally required under Queensland law to ensure your properties testable backflow device is fully operational.

City of Gold Coast is not obliged to send you a reminder letter about having to have all your backflow prevention valves tested so we will remind you when these tests are required.

Backflow prevention valves are installed in most commercial properties plus in homes where a potential cross connection can occur in the water supply to protect our drinking water.

Backflow prevention valves are installed to plumbing fixtures after a risk assessment. They are either testable or non-testable valves based on an assessment of risk of possible cross contamination.

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If you have testable valves then the Queensland Government requires City of Gold Coast to maintain a register of all testable devices in the city to protect the city’s water supply from cross-connection contamination.

This is why you will receive a letter requiring annual testing as per AS/NZS 3500.1-2018 Plumbing and Drainage – Water Services under clause 4.4.6 Commissioning and Maintenance: 

“Testable backflow prevention devices shall be commissioned and tested after installation and prior to service. They shall be maintained in working order and tested for operational function at intervals not exceeding 12 months. Reduced pressure zone devices, double check valve assemblies, pressure type vacuum breakers, registered break tanks and registered air gaps shall only be used with a maintenance program for device registration and test certification.”

Backflow Prevention Testing Legislation & Standards

As licensed plumbers, we are obliged to undertake all backflow prevention testing to AS/NZS 2485.3:2020 which is the reference standard required in AS/NZS 3500.1:2018 for all backflow prevention testing.

All of these standards are legal requirements under the Plumbing and Drainage Act 2018 in Queensland.

Backflow Prevention Testing Requirements

As a property owner, you are legally responsible for ensuring a Licensed Plumber with a Backflow Endorsement undertakes the testing. Once we test your valves and undertake any compliance servicing required we will lodge a Form 9 compliance certificate with the City of Gold Coast on your behalf.

Whywait Plumbing is fully licensed to undertake backflow prevention testing, servicing, installation, replacement and disconnection of the following valves:

  • RPZ valves which are a reduced pressure zone device (RPZD)
  • Double-check valve assembly (DCV)
  • Registered air gap (RAG)
  • Registered break tank (RBT)
  • Reduced pressure detector assembly (RPDA)
  •  Double-check detector assembly (DCDA)
  • Spill-resistant pressure type vacuum breaker (SPVB)
  • Pressure type vacuum breaker (PVB)
  • Single check valve testable (SCVT)
  • Single check detector assembly testable (SCDAT)
  • Atmospheric vacuum breakers (AVB)

The City of Gold Coast does levy annual backflow registration fees every September on every registered testable valve installed. Currently, the fees are:

  • Commercial buildings classes 2-9: $99.00 per valve
  • Domestic buildings classes 1 and 10: $25.00 per valve

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Backflow Prevention Testing Plumbers

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