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DIY plumbing is no match for real Gold Coast Plumbers with experience, skills, knowledge and expertise

Plumbing issues are never easy to deal with, but the temptation to handle them yourself and get all the materials you need from Bunnings can be intense. After all, why pay a professional when you can save money by fixing the problem on your own?

However, when it comes to plumbing, taking the DIY route can often lead to more significant issues and expenses in the long run.

That’s why hiring real Gold Coast plumbers with the necessary experience, skills, knowledge, and expertise is crucial to getting the job done right the first time.

An expert plumber’s experience and knowledge is the key to tackling plumbing problems

There’s no substitute for experience and knowledge when it comes to plumbing problems. Expert Gold Coast plumbers who are experienced plumbers bring a wealth of practical know-how to the job, with years of experience tackling multiple issues. Whether it’s a leaking tap, a blocked drain, no hot water or a burst pipe, an experienced plumber has the skills and expertise to assess the problem quickly and provide an effective and efficient solution.

Not only does an experienced plumber possess the technical know-how to solve plumbing problems, but they also bring a deep understanding of the broader issues at play. This can include everything from City of Gold Coast plumbing requirements and regulations to environmental concerns and best practices for maintaining plumbing systems over the long term.

By relying on an experienced plumber, clients can feel confident that their plumbing problems will be addressed in a way that solves the immediate issue and considers their long-term needs and goals.

Ask any real Gold Coast plumbers how incomplete or inaccurate DIY plumbing solutions from Bunnings or Google for plumbing problems can backfire

While the internet can provide a wealth of information on a range of topics, including DIY plumbing solutions, it is essential to exercise caution when relying on Google. Of course, the nice man at Bunnings may listen attentively and sell you various solutions. Still, they are a hardware supermarket, not a licenced plumber who visually inspects your problem.

Incomplete or inaccurate information can lead to costly mistakes and even potentially dangerous situations when it comes to plumbing problems. In addition, it’s important to remember that plumbing systems are complex, and what may seem like a simple fix can require a deeper level of understanding and experience to resolve correctly.

Don’t disrespect a plumber’s expertise and experience by haggling about their prices

It’s an unfortunate occupational hazard for plumbing businesses that a business you’ve worked for resorts to dishonesty to avoid paying its tax invoice for the work undertaken. Thankfully, a recent experience with a dental practice is generally the exception, not the rule. In this case, the dental practice in question attempted to spin a web of lies to justify their non-payment. It’s frustrating for everyone involved, but it’s important to remember that such behaviour is disrespectful and unprofessional.

Can you imagine the repercussions and reaction if you attempted to withhold payment from the dentist under the pretext of discrediting their expertise and accusing them of incompetence and grossly overcharging?

It’s common for some clients to attempt to negotiate a lower price for our services. Still, there’s a difference between negotiating in good faith and trying to manipulate the situation through dishonesty.

When a business such as a dental practice attempts to beat a plumber’s price down deceitfully, they disrespect the experience and expertise that the plumber brings to the job. It’s important to remember that a plumber’s price is not just for the service they provide but for the years of training and knowledge they bring to the table. Disrespecting their price is disrespecting their value as a professional plumber.

A Plumber's Perspective: A Conversation with a Client on Solving Plumbing Issues and The Ulimate Cost of The Work

G’day mate, now that you’ve looked at everything on my existing hottie, how much for replacing it with a new one?

Well, it’ll cost you $5230, mate.

What? That’s too much! That’s a bloody fortune! Can’t you do it cheaper?

I understand, but this is a big job. So we’re not just slapping a band-aid on it. We’re fixing it properly.

Fair enough, but I reckon it’s a simple job. I’ve Googled it, and all the experts consider $2000 up to $3000 as a fair price. So how about $2500?

I appreciate your opinion, mate, but unfortunately, I can’t do it for that little. I would be better off staying in bed than coming here to work at a loss. Unlike all your Google experts, I’ve eyeballed what is required to properly replace your hot water system and comply with the Plumbing and Drainage Act. But I have a proposition for you. For $1500, I can teach you how to do it yourself.

Teach me? I don’t even know where to start! I work with my brain, not my hands, I’m a financial planner, so I’m not exactly a tradie, mate.

No worries, mate. For $1500, I’ll teach you everything you need to know. It’ll be like a DIY Bunnings sausage sizzle. Plus, you’ll get the knowledge and experience to do it yourself next time.

Alright, I’m game. What do I need to do?

First, you’ll need tools like a pressing tool, battery drill, half-inch benders, screwdrivers and shifters, PPE, a trolley to move the gear around the house and a few other hand tools.

Crikey! I don’t have any of those.

No problem, mate. I can rent them to you for another $1300. So you’re still saving $2430 in the end.

Cool, I’m in, then. Sounds like a good deal. When can we start?

I’m available on Saturdays.

Saturday? But I have plans on Saturdays! It’s my weekend…my day off to spend with the family.

I’m sorry, mate. Saturdays are my teaching days for teaching Bunnings weekend warriors. And if you’re doing it yourself, you’ll need to get up early and get the gear we need for the job from Tradelink at 6.30, so we can start by 9.

That’s a bit rough, mate. Saturday is usually my sleep in morning. Can’t we get the gear from Bunnings?

Sorry mate, if we’re going to fix this correctly, you need suitable quality materials from an actual plumbers merchant.

I don’t have any free Saturdays coming up. Can’t we do it on a weekday?

No. As I said, Saturday is my only free day to teach you. Also, you’ll need a truck to transport the gear.

A truck? I don’t have a truck! I have a Tesla!

It looks like you’ll have to rent one. And the gear is pretty heavy to lift, so you will need some of your mates to come over to help you load and unload the truck.

I really don’t think I can ask my friends, they’re all professionals, not manual labourers, to do that. Can’t we do it on a weekday, and I’ll hire some guys off Airtasker?

I’m afraid not, mate. I’ve got other jobs during the week. However, I have good news for you! You can hire me to do it on a weekday if you’d like.

Really? That sounds like a better idea. But how much will that cost?

Well, it’ll cost you $5230, just like I said at the beginning.

C’mon mate, that’s too expensive! All the experts on Google agree.

I understand, mate. But you’re not just paying for a job. You’re paying for the knowledge, experience, equipment, tools, time, employees and family sacrifices I bring.

I guess you’re right. You know what? I’ve been thinking. It probably is better for you to do the job. It’s better to pay you to do the job right and not have to go through all that hassle.

Sensible decision, mate. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered, mate. When you hire us, you’re not just paying for the job. You’re paying for our experience, expertise and everything we bring to the table with the tools in the back of the ute.


Some advice to plumbers reading this blog – “As a Gold Coast plumber, you know your worth. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise – you’re worth every cent. After all, you’re the professional expert here – you know the costs to keep your business running smoothly. So value your services appropriately and do not undersell yourself as a professional licenced plumber.”


Mutual respect and professionalism are essential for every successful business relationship

As a Gold Coast plumber and business owner with 46 years of experience, I’ve seen first-hand how negative stereotypes can affect people in different professions, trades, and occupations. As a result, I believe in treating everyone as I expect to be treated and in giving people the benefit of the doubt until they give me a reason not to trust them.

Sadly, it’s all too common to hear someone say, “I’m just a…”, which sends a subliminal message that their work is of lesser value. But every occupation requires unique skills and expertise, and it’s essential to avoid making generalisations or assumptions about any profession based on these stereotypes.

One thing that bothers me is how certain professions are viewed as less prestigious or essential than others. This can lead to unfair judgments and undervaluation of people in those occupations. To build a positive business-to-client relationship and create a culture of mutual respect, we must actively listen to each other, communicate effectively, and find common ground to create a solution that is beneficial to everyone. By doing so, we can break down barriers and work together towards a more inclusive and collaborative business relationship.

We must also recognise how negative stereotypes can affect people in different professions, trades, and occupations. Therefore, it’s essential to treat everyone with respect and professionalism, regardless of their job title or position. Doing so can create a more supportive and inclusive environment for all.

A true Gold Coast plumber stands as a beacon of quality and trustworthiness

As we wrap up this exploration into the hallmarks of a genuine Gold Coast plumber, we cannot overemphasise the importance of expertise, skills, experience, and knowledge in this field.

As you navigate the often complex waters of plumbing issues and maintenance, remember that a true Gold Coast plumber stands as a beacon of quality and trustworthiness. They embody a rich blend of technical proficiency and a deep understanding of the local nuances, committed to delivering not just solutions but peace of mind.

In a realm where precision and reliability are non-negotiable, settling for anything less than experienced Gold Coast plumbers is not an option. Stay informed, choose wisely, and safeguard your home’s plumbing integrity with a professional who bears the genuine mark of excellence and reliability.