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Don’t Go To Bunnings! They Are NOT Plumbers.

Lets be upfront from the beginning Bunnings are not and never will be plumbers or electricians or carpenters or painters or a garden centre or any of the other myriad of trade specialties they lay claim to.

In fact in reality they are not really a hardware store. Bunnings are a giant warehouse using the supermarket principals and pricing tactics to sell any product that they can. Anything that is perceived to be hardware related. They are not the friendly locally owned and operated hardware shops that used to be everywhere.

The majority of Bunnings staff are casual, part-time and low paid employees who have no particular expertise or skills that would be associated with the traditional hardware industry.

Just about every trades and service company gets frustrated by their claims to be cheap and most of all by their staff who are not tradesman and have no qualifications to give advice but constantly do so to unsuspecting DIY enthusiasts to ensure they sell product. Bunnings staff are the same as Coles supermarket staff – they are retail shop assistants.

From a plumbing perspective Bunning’s supplies plumbing pipe, fittings and fixtures to the public, some of which are of such a poor quality and standard that Whywait Plumbing will not install them. Bunnings also offer unofficial DIY course’s showing home owners and handyman how to perform basic plumbing maintenance. Whilst such works as replacing a tap mixer may be considered “low risk” it is still illegal and encourages some people to undergo more “hazardous” or illegal plumbing works because the nice man at Bunnings told them they could.

Everyone needs to be better educated on the implications of people doing their own plumbing or hiring a “handyman”. The DIY enthusiast or “handyman” do not have the extensive knowledge and experience required to assess and comply with industry standards plus Queensland plumbing laws and regulations.

The risks involved to your health, your home, your neighbours, your family and the probable voiding of insurance coverage outweigh any sort of “financial benefit” assumed to be made by attempting things yourself or using a “cheaper, unqualified handyman” rather than paying for a licensed and insured professional plumber. DIY or “handyman” plumbing often results in you having to pay more in the long run, by having to get us out to rectify expensive mistakes or work that is not compliant with the Plumbing and Drainage Act 2002 and the associated regulations.

So please remember while the people at Bunnings maybe nice to you and tell you what you want to hear, they are not qualified to. In most instants they have no contractor or trade licenses.

In fact, no professional plumber or electrician or carpenter can give you meaningful advice without an on-site inspection. In general DIY is not worth the risk especially for plumbing and electrical – there are good reasons why they are licensed trades in most developed countries.

By Gary Mays

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