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Would you go to work for free?

Whywait Plumbing DOES NOT provide free plumbing quotes or estimates, ever. We have never never done so on any service or maintenance plumbing works.

Yes, we will provide free plumbing quotes if you email us or deliver a set of design drawings, such as hydraulic or architectural plans to our office.

If we have to attend on-site at your home or business premises, there are significant costs involved for us. That is why we charge you a diagnostic fee.

Businesses that advertise that they undertake free quotes or devalue their time and their expertise. I guarantee you will pay for their time, hidden somewhere in their charges because, as the saying goes, there is no such thing as a free lunch.

Think about it: “Would you go to work for free?”

In our experience the people who want free plumbing quotes are…

We learned long ago that offering free plumbing quotes or estimates wastes our time, money and company resources.

In our experience, people who call Whywait Plumbing asking for free plumbing quotes or expecting us to come to the site and solve their problems obligation-free fall into the following categories:

  • Dreamers who are toying with some vague idea of a plumbing installation, such as a third bathroom or outdoor kitchen, want us to design it all and solve all the problems but have little intention of using our services.
  • Price checkers who want us to give them a comparison price in the hope we come up with a cheaper alternative to undertake the work.
  • Time-wasting people who have a significant plumbing issue, such as flooding in their backyard in heavy rainfall, who want us to investigate and solve the problems and are insistent on picking our brains, getting all the information off us so they can then do it themselves or get a handyman to do it.
  • The DIY homeowner who wants to pick our brain so he can run to Bunnings and be a weekend warrior playing at being a plumber.

Without profit, any business is just an expensive hobby

We learnt at Whywait a long ago to accept that we cannot compete with competitors who devalue their plumbing licenses by racing to the bottom with clients who are only interested in PRICE, being:

  • a cheap price,
  • a less expensive than fair price that an alleged competitor has quoted over the phone,
  • an entirely unreasonably and pathetically inadequate price that does not even cover the plumbers’ wages.

As the owner of Whywait Plumbing, I was lucky enough to learn long ago that we always had to know our numbers. This required us to review our budgets regularly and know where our break-even cost was. This knowledge empowered us so we knew when to say NO.

These simple lessons ensure that we don’t waiver from our commitment to providing outstanding customer service from well-trained and professional plumbers who stand behind their work.

As I said previously, there is no such thing as a free lunch because Whywait Plumbing Pty Ltd is a business that is legally obligated to generate profits.

I reiterate that: “Without profit, any business is just an expensive hobby.”


Its 99.9% certain that Plumbers don’t have Supermans X-ray Vision