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DIY plumbing is not an option, nor is DIY electrical, but some people still believe the law does not apply to them. Frequently the reason to attempt DIY is that some people want to avoid hiring a professional plumber due to the cost of plumbing services.

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At Whywait Plumbing we understand a perceived simple plumbing job might cost many people more than what they can afford which is why we custom price every job up front so you always know in advance the answer to your question, “how much is this going to cost?”

Always when we are repairing the work after people have tried the DIY approach to plumbing repairs themselves they pinpoint cost them as the main reason. The reality is though that the mistakes they make undertaking DIY plumbing  frequently creates a much bigger problem which incurs more expenses and stress.

Apart from the fact that DIY plumbing is illegal there are a few other reasons why you should not try DIY plumbing:

  • Warranty & Insurance – this is one of the most critical issues as DIY plumbing will leave you without the security of a manufacturers warranty on any product or fixture not installed by a licensed plumber. Even worse if a tap for example blows apart and floods your home the likelihood is your insurance policy will not cover the damage if the tap was not installed by a licensed plumber.
  • Safety – plumbing involves dealing with a number of hazards  especially in drains that can create health issues for your family if not undertaken legally and compliantly. Misuse of specialised plumbing tools and equipment can result in you sustaining minor or even major injuries. Safety is always a concern if you attempt DIY plumbing when you do not have the proper knowledge or training. It always looks easy when you watch a professional with the correct equipment do the job.
  • Value for Money – DIY plumbing is more costly in the long term because the jobs invariably are never repaired correctly and continue to give problems repeatedly. Getting a licensed plumber to do the job right the first time is always the cheapest option in the end.

There is no better plumbing, drainage or gas repair than that undertaken by a licensed, professional plumbing company where the plumbers are experienced, trained, insured and knowledgeable.