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Harvest Mother Nature’s Precious Water With the Most Efficient Rain Collection System on the Market Today. This system collects 100% of the rain on your roof; puts money back in your pocket and allows you to use recycled water in your toilet, laundry, garden and home.

As you no doubt realise, clean and potable water remains an issue here in Southeast Queensland, especially regarding recycled water, desalinated water, and rainwater tanks. All new buildings, residential and commercial, are required to be outfitted with rain water tanks for irrigation and toilet flushing.

For existing buildings it is important in the long term to create sustainable methods to conserve valuable rainwater without destroying the aesthetics of your home or business. From our experience, a Rain-Return® system is the best of its kind, allowing a rainwater tank to collect 100% – vs. the average of 10% – of rainwater falling on your roof.

A Rain-Return® system harvests all the water from your storm water drains which, in turn,  collect all the water from the roof.  A simple underground pit pumps the water back to your storage tank. When the storage tank is full a float valve activates and the pump stops pumping and allows the water to continue through the normal storm water drain system.

Whywait Plumbing can design a system for you like those we’ve installed for Westfield Helensvale Shopping Centre,  AB Paterson College, or Robina State School.  With your new Rain-Return® system, you can:

  • Maximise your storage capacity

  • Collect 100% of rain falling on the roof plus air conditioning & roof condensation

  • Reduce your water bills

  • Eliminate ugly piping systems to your rainwater tank

  • Comply with water sustainability requirements

Rain water can now be used in urban areas for:

  • Toilet flushing

  • Installing multiple 25000 litre rainwater tanks for storing water from the rain water harvesting system at Westfield Shopping Centre, Helensvale

  • Laundry cold water supply to the washing machine

  • Washing & cleaning

  • Washing your cars & boats

  • Irrigating your gardens & lawn

And, provided certain precautions are taken into account including adherence to backflow requirements, rainwater harvesting can also provide drinkable water that is free from chemicals, such as chlorine, which are used to treat our main potable water supplies.

Whywait Plumbing has been installing rainwater storage systems for more than 30 years.  What’s more, we are a licensed GreenPlumber™ and, as such, have been at the forefront in  developing and installing urban tanks.

With a fully-installed rainwater harvesting system from Whywait, you can count on:

  • a complete site inspection to ensure the system recommended will work correctly

  • a range of systems to choose from

  • a guaranteed installation date

  • installation and certification by a licensed plumber

  • access to all government and council rebates

To learn more about a rainwater harvesting system from Whywait Plumbing , contact us today to schedule your no-obligation site inspection.

by Gary Mays