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Free quotes are not worth the risk

Hello there, plumbing enthusiasts and sceptics alike! Welcome to Whywait Plumbing, the company that doesn’t wait to deliver first-class plumbing services to your doorstep. Today, we want to talk about a common misconception that some people have about our industry: the idea that plumbers should provide free quotes on demand.

While we understand the appeal of free things, we also know the value of our time and expertise. So, in this post, we’ll explain why we don’t do free quotes and why you shouldn’t expect us to do so. And we’ll do it in an informative and entertaining way because we believe that humour and authority can go hand in hand. So, let’s dive in!

“Free Plumbing Quotes”: The elusive mythical creature of the plumbing world

First, let’s clarify what we mean by “free quotes”. A free quote is a rough estimate of how much a plumbing job might cost based on a brief description of the issue and some general rates. Some people assume that plumbers should be able to give them free quotes over the phone or email without ever seeing the problem in person or doing any diagnostics. Unfortunately, this assumption is flawed for several reasons.

No matter how experienced, a professional plumber cannot provide legitimate plumbing quotes over the phone. The only way to diagnose a plumbing problem is through an on-site investigation. 

Stand out from the crowd by saying No to Free Plumbing Quotes and Yes to Quality Workmanship

For starters, plumbing is not a one-size-fits-all kind of service. Every plumbing problem is unique, and every solution requires a tailored approach. What works for one blocked drain may not work for another, and what looks like a simple blockage may actually be a sign of a more significant issue. Without inspecting the problem firsthand, a plumber can only make educated guesses about what the job entails and how long it might take. And as we all know, guesses can be wrong.

Secondly, plumbing is not a static industry. Prices, materials, and techniques can vary depending on multiple factors, such as location, weather, availability, and complexity. As a result, what might have been a fair price for a similar job last year may not be the same today.

Plumbers risk overcharging or undercharging for their services by providing free plumbing quotes. This can lead to dissatisfied clients and lost profits. Moreover, providing free quotes can also attract price shoppers and tyre-kickers, who are not necessarily interested in hiring a plumber but rather in comparing prices between competitors. We don’t want to waste our time on non-committal inquiries, and we don’t want to waste yours.

From a business perspective, free quotes don’t add up

Plumbing is a skilled trade that requires education, training, experience, and equipment. Our plumbers have invested time and money in becoming licensed, insured, and qualified to handle multiple plumbing issues. They are not hobbyists, amateurs, or volunteers. They are professionals who take pride in their work and expect to be compensated fairly for their time and skills. By providing free quotes, plumbers devalue their expertise and make it seem like anyone can do what they do. We don’t want to undermine our profession, and we don’t like to encourage others to do so.

Now, we know that some people might still insist that we should provide free quotes because “that’s how other plumbers do it”, “that’s what customers expect”, or “that’s the only way to get new business”. But we respectfully disagree.

“Genuine Free Plumbing Quotes”: A mythical creature like a Yowie, except they’re not as much fun and just as rare in plumbing

We believe that providing accurate, fair, and transparent quotes is more important than giving free quotes. We believe that building trust, communication, and relationships with our clients is more critical than providing instant gratification. We believe educating our clients about plumbing issues, prevention, and maintenance is more important than just fixing the symptoms. And we think having a sense of humour is more important than being too serious or stiff.

So, to sum it up: we don’t do free quotes because we care.

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