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ZeroFlush Waterless Urinals: A Sustainable Choice for Every Gold Coast Business

ZeroFlush waterless urinals are gaining traction among architects, hydraulic engineers, facilities managers, and building owners throughout the Gold Coast, thanks to their significant water conservation benefits.

The Debate on Cost Savings

At Whywait Plumbing, we recognise the discussions around the financial benefits of ZeroFlush waterless urinals. Though they do not use water and hence save on water consumption, the broader debate often centres on the costs associated with their installation, maintenance, and operation.

However, the strongest argument in their favour is their environmental and sustainable superiority over traditional water-flushing urinals.

Corporate Responsibility and Environmental Sustainability

Choosing ZeroFlush waterless urinals is not just about saving water; it’s a statement of corporate responsibility towards sustainability.

With Whywait Plumbing’s extensive experience with ZeroFlush, we confidently offer a performance guarantee, asserting that these installations will lower your water and sewer discharge expenses.

Advantages of ZeroFlush Installation

  • Reduced Capital and Maintenance Costs: The absence of expensive electronic water flushing systems lowers installation costs, and the lack of water reticulation valves minimises maintenance expenses.
  • Simplified Cleaning Procedures: Our natural enzyme cleaning products make maintenance both simple and eco-friendly.
  • Prevention of Blocked Drains: ZeroFlush urinals contribute to fewer blockages and issues with drainage traps.
  • Environmentally Sustainable: All materials used to manufacture and maintain ZeroFlush urinals are ecologically friendly.

The Complexity of Calculating Water Savings

Calculating the payback period for installing ZeroFlush waterless urinals can be complicated. Using the average of $9 per 1,000 litres of water from Gold Coast Water and the example of an office with four men working in it, we can come up with some estimates.

Let’s say each man flushes a urinal 2,000 times yearly or about 5.5 times per day, meaning the four men flush the toilet 4,000 times yearly in the office. An older, water-flushing urinal using 15 litres per flush will use 60.000 litres, costing about $540 yearly just for water.

Calculating the Payback Period

While ZeroFlush urinals prioritise water savings over monetary savings, the investment is justified through environmental sustainability.

For instance, in an office scenario, replacing an older, water-flushing urinal with a ZeroFlush model can lead to substantial water savings and reduced annual water costs.

A Commitment to Sustainability

Despite the primary focus on water conservation, ZeroFlush waterless urinals are a worthwhile investment for their sustainability benefits.

Contact Whywait Plumbing today to learn how ZeroFlush urinals can enhance your building’s environmental footprint and save on water and sewer costs.

Waterless Urinal Benefits Are Reality with ZeroFlush