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Yes, we can replace every Obsolete Enware Ifo Sensor Urinal

Yes, we can replace every Obsolete Enware Ifo Sensor Urinal

Why Replace the Enware Ifo Sensor Urinal?

Once a reliable choice, the Enware Ifo Sensor Urinal is no longer available in Australia. This unavailability of spare parts has made repairs impossible and costly, leaving building owners and managers in a challenging situation that demands immediate attention.  

Building owners and managers face a crucial decision as the Enware Ifo Sensor Urinal becomes obsolete. The scarcity of replacement parts and servicing options necessitates a change. This is where Whywait Plumbing and ZeroFlush urinals come into play, offering an innovative, reliable alternative that promotes environmental conservation. This transition can bring relief, knowing that a solution is at hand.

The Enware Ifo Sensor Urinal is Obsolete

For years, the Enware Ifo Sensor Urinal was the preferred choice for Australian businesses such as McDonalds, which sought to reduce water consumption and promote a cleaner environment.

However, its discontinuation and the subsequent lack of servicing options have left many building owners at a loss. This is where ZeroFlush urinals shine, offering a much better water-saving solution with the added benefit of reliable servicing and an estimated 20-year operational lifespan.

In the long run, keeping non-serviced Enware Ifo sensor urinals can lead to malodours, hygiene issues, and increased maintenance costs. These issues can significantly impact the comfort and health of your building’s occupants, as well as your operational costs. It’s crucial to address this situation promptly to avoid these potential problems. 

Whywait Plumbing and ZeroFlush Waterless Urinals: A Partnership Spanning Twenty Years

Whywait Plumbing has been installing ZeroFlush waterless urinals for over twenty years. Together, they are a beacon of innovation, reliability, and environmental conservation. Best of all, there are no electronic parts that require replacement or a multitude of parts that can break. ZeroFlush urinals are simplicity itself.

Enware removed the Ifo Cero waterless urinal and the Ifo Sensor urinal from the Australian market due to a shift in its product focus. This has enabled the plumbers at Whywait to transition the Enware urinals to the superior performance of Zeroflush waterless urinals.

Transitioning to a new ZeroFlush waterless urinal system with Whywait Plumbing need not be daunting. ZeroFlush waterless urinals are the epitome of ingenuity, offering a seamless transition and numerous benefits that make them a top choice for today’s water-sustainable buildings.

ZeroFlush: The Pinnacle of Waterless Urinal Technology

Let’s explore why ZeroFlush is the ideal alternative to replace the Enware Ifo sensor urinal:

1. Ecological Benefits

ZeroFlush waterless urinals are designed with sustainability in mind. Their innovative technology helps conserve substantial amounts of water annually, saving up to 60000 litres per year per urinal. By making the switch, building owners contribute to preserving the environment and adhere to the growing societal demand for greener and more sustainable public toilet facilities.

2. Cost-Effectiveness

You can save considerably on water bills by replacing your Enware Ifo sensor urinals with ZeroFlush urinals. The ZeroFlush system requires no water to function, eliminating the costs associated with water usage and sewage disposal, making it a cost-effective solution for the long term.

ZeroFlush waterless urinals embody the pinnacle of sustainability and longevity in the industry. Crafted with high-quality materials and exceptional attention to detail, these urinals enhance the public bathroom experience and underscore a commitment to environmental conservation. Once installed by Whywait Plumbing, they promise easy maintenance and a robust lifespan of up to twenty years, representing a wise financial and ecological investment.

3. Hygiene and Odour Control

ZeroFlush waterless urinals are designed to maintain high levels of hygiene. Their unique design features [two distinctively engineered urinal trap systems]. Both systems are built upon trusted, well-established methods and technology to ensure that odours are trapped and eliminated, promoting a fresh and clean public bathroom experience at all times. This innovative design is a testament to the reliability and effectiveness of ZeroFlush urinals.

4. Easy Maintenance

Maintenance is a breeze with ZeroFlush waterless urinals. Their design allows easy cleaning, drastically reducing the time and resources needed for upkeep. Moreover, ZeroFlush urinals installed by Whywait Plumbing guarantee excellent customer service, giving building owners peace of mind knowing that help is just a phone call away.

5. Aesthetic Appeal

Apart from their functional benefits, ZeroFlush waterless urinals are aesthetically pleasing, adding a touch of modernity and sophistication to any public bathroom. Their sleek design and premium build quality enhance your bathroom’s visual appeal, offering users an elevated experience.

Making the Switch From Enware Ifo Sensor Urinals Is A Step Towards a Sustainable Future

With the assistance of Whywait Plumbing, transitioning from the discontinued Enware Ifo sensor urinals to ZeroFlush is more than just a switch in equipment; it is a step towards embracing a more sustainable future.

Whywait Plumbing has been a leader in sustainable plumbing practices for 47 years. Partnering with ZeroFlush, it is committed to fostering a culture of environmental stewardship through ZeroFlush waterless urinals that are not only efficient but also environmentally responsible.

By choosing Whywait and ZeroFlush, building owners align themselves with an Australian company that has operated successfully for almost half a century and stands for sustainability and innovation. Both Whywait Plumbing and ZeroFlush have continually demonstrated their dedication to conserving water resources, showcasing a remarkable blend of technology and ecology that aims to redefine the norms of sanitation and hygiene in buildings across Australia.

Implementation and Support

With Whywait Plumbing undertaking the installation, implementing the switch to ZeroFlush waterless urinals is straightforward. Whywait offers professional, comprehensive support during the transition, including installation and maintenance training for your maintenance team. Our experienced plumbers will guide you through every step of the process, ensuring a smooth and successful transition to ZeroFlush urinals. 

Additionally, Whywait provides extensive after-sales support, ensuring you always have the assistance you need to maintain high hygiene and functionality in your public bathrooms. Our team is available [24/7] to address any concerns or issues, providing peace of mind and ensuring the smooth operation of your ZeroFlush urinals.

The transition from Enware Ifo sensor urinals to ZeroFlush ZF201 models is seamless and hassle-free. It involves removing the existing Enware Ifo sensor urinals from the water and waste connections and integrating the ZeroFlush ZF201 urinals into the pre-existing drainage connections. This smooth transition bypasses the need for intricate plumbing modifications, saving time and resources and facilitating a swift and economical upgrade to a more environmentally friendly and efficient solution.

Moreover, ZeroFlush waterless urinals have a full 5-year warranty that assures building owners of quality and reliability. This warranty guarantees the longevity of your investment, further cementing ZeroFlush’s position as a leader in the industry and providing you with peace of mind.

Make the Switch Today From Enware Ifo Sensor Urinals to ZeroFlush Waterless Urinals

The discontinuation of Enware Ifo sensor urinals presents a golden opportunity for building owners to upgrade to a more sustainable, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing urinal system. The ZeroFlush waterless urinal is not just a product; it is a testament to the evolution of sanitation technology, which embodies the principles of conservation, hygiene, and innovation.

By making the switch, building owners are enhancing the public bathroom experience for users and playing a vital role in fostering a culture of environmental responsibility. ZeroFlush stands as a beacon of change, offering a sustainable product aligned with the needs of the modern world.

Therefore, if you are a building owner with Enware Ifo sensor urinals, now is the time to switch to ZeroFlush waterless urinals with Whywait Plumbing. Embrace the change, join the waterless revolution, and promote a greener, cleaner, and more sustainable future.

Whywait Plumbing and  ZeroFlush are committed to providing solutions that stand the test of time, offering unparalleled quality and service that aims to redefine the standards of excellence in the plumbing industry. Join us in this journey towards a sustainable future where innovation meets conservation, only with ZeroFlush waterless urinals.

Please get rid of obsolete Enware Ifo sensor urinals now, and let’s positively impact water sustainability, one urinal at a time.

Waterless Urinal Benefits Are Reality with ZeroFlush