Leaking showers by the time they are discovered have frequently already caused structural damage to a house.

Once discovered a leaking shower should be repaired immediately to avoid costly water damage to floor coverings, wall lining, framing timber and tile beds. Repairs should not be delayed once a leaking shower is discovered as they are a major reason in many homes for termite infestation attracted to the combination of water and timber.

All too frequently leaking showers are an exclusion in many insurance policies as they are considered wear and tear. Even if there is coverage it is frequently only for the exploration to discover the cause of the leak. Replacing the shower is often not covered and unfortunately this is the expensive part of the process.

At Whywait Plumbing leaking showers all too often are a source of frustration for plumber and client alike. Locating a leaking shower can be a trial and error situation with it being like many plumbing jobs a process of elimination. Normally a plumber has to go through a process of pressure testing water pipes, taps, shower rose followed by pressure tests of the shower tray to pinpoint the exact cause of the water leak.

The most common cause of leakage in homes on the Gold Coast is caused by waterproofing failure of the shower tray underneath the floor tiles which is designed to prevent water leaking and penetrating the main house structure.

Older homes can have old galvanised iron trays that rust out although these are generally uncommon. Many homes built in the 70’s and 80’s had recessed showers that frequently were never waterproofed under the tiles and these remain accidents waiting to happen.

Still the most common shower tray leak is those homes from the late 80’s and 90’s that had fibreglass installed to waterproof the floor and walls. Fibreglass generally was too rigid and did not adhere to concrete or timber causing cracking in corners that allowed water to slowly leak out.

The epoxy water proofing that is commonly used now is generally an excellent product that is structurally flexible that moves with the house as it settles.

If you even suspect you have a leaking shower do not delay in getting it diagnosed as there are a wide range of chemical remedies available to repair showers without removing the tiles. Delay only puts off the inevitable and can create even worse problems such as termites.

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