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Plumbers X-Ray Vision Would Be A Dream Come True

Anyone who knows me is aware I frequently state that when we get a plumbers licence, we didn’t also get given a pair of Superman’s glasses with plumbers X-ray vision.

Plumbing infrastructure is 90% concealed in walls, floors and underground. The ability for a plumber to transform into Superman and see-through physical objects would be an obvious solution when you have problems.

As Plumbers and Electricians are only too aware many people think we possess plumbers X-ray vision when it comes to solving their concealed infrastructure issues. There is always a sense of irony in the fact that people will make multiple visits to a doctor to get a diagnosis of a health problem. But believe we only need one visit to diagnose a complex issue in their plumbing, gas or electrical infrastructure.

Looking after your plumbing infrastructure can be challenging when most of the infrastructure is concealed. Most people are vaguely aware there are water pipes and drainage pipes somewhere that connects to their bathrooms, kitchen and laundry.

The vague awareness only transforms into reality when the infrastructure stops working. A leaking water pipe or a blocked toilet suddenly create a perception that something is wrong somewhere.

That’s when you call a plumber to investigate. Often this is where the “fun” starts as we arrive at your home to see exactly what you can see. This means we have to start investigating. Depending on the problem investigating is a process of elimination.

This is why I say Superman’s X-ray vision would solve so many problems for us. Ultimately all we can call upon as Plumbers is our knowledge and experience to eliminate possibilities. Yes, there is the technology we can use but as yet no plumbers x-ray vision. The limitations of the technology are endless with equipment such as a CCTV drain camera being useless to use on a blocked drain as ultimately all we can see is dirty water.

Here at Whywait Plumbing, I believe we have invested wisely over the years in technology and continue to do so. Equipment such as CCTV drain cameras, sonar locators, pipe tracers, gas detectors, leak detection equipment and much more. Much of the investigative technology we utilise derives from medical technology, so it is continuously evolving.

I’m looking forward to the day when we can access affordable portable X-ray or sonar equipment that will allow us to see clearly the location of infrastructure in your walls, floors and underground.

Ultimately I still believe its the experience and patience of our Plumbers to investigate your problems and eliminate the possibilities before we jackhammer up your floor or smash open your walls.

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