Chlorinated Water – Great for Your Pool – Not in Your Stomach!

And That’s WHY You Want to Consider De-Chlorinating Water for Drinking.

Whywait Plumbing Services recommends filters be installed in your home for de-chlorinating water before it enters your home. There’s Chlorine in the Water Distribution Pipe Lines…Here’s Why.

Understandably Chlorine is necessity for use within your swimming pool. This will eliminate bacteria and the possibility of any harmful side effects. The odour and stinging eyes may not be something you enjoy, but to swim in a pool that doesn’t have chlorinated water would be putting yourself at risk of major water born infections.

Chlorines Harmful Effects

Distribution pipe line systems of potable drinking water also contain bacteria killing chlorine so drinking or ingesting chlorine is an unfortunate additive when drinking any tap water. Similarly each time you shower or take a bath you ingest the free chlorine gas contained within the water supply.  A side effect and sure sign of unacceptably high levels of chlorine is Dry flaky skin and an odour in your shower, bath or drinking water.

Chlorine is a chemical and a poison which, once ingested, randomly kills bacteria within your body – good and bad, including the natural flora within your stomach, which will negatively affect your digestion. It can build up in fat deposits. It can settle in your arteries leading to heart disease and can cause bladder cancer. The human body is not designed to filter out chlorine and yet it will remain in the potable water pipe line systems for the foreseeable future,.

Whywait Plumbing Gold Coast is passionate about this situation and we’ll continue to rally against the use of chlorine within our water supply and the negative affects chlorine has on our bodies. We’ve researched the finest water de-chlorinating filtration systems and now install, maintain and repair these and all types and models – whole house or single source, you can trust Whywait to provide the right solution for you and your family.

By Gary Mays

Whywait Plumbing Services.


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