Pre-Purchase Plumbing Inspections Are An Investment By Themselves

With 90% of Plumbing & Drainage Infrastructure Hidden From View

We all know the excitement that comes with purchasing a new home but a pre-purchase plumbing inspection by Whywait Plumbing Services will reduce the nightmare of inheriting someone else’s plumbing nightmares.

A pre-purchase plumbing inspection potentially saves you not only money but the stress of finding the all too common occurrence of all your drains blocked a week after moving into your new home. Not every aspect of the plumbing, drainage or gas infrastructure of an existing house can easily be sighted but the experienced eyes of a licensed plumber undertaking a pre-purchase inspection will easily see signs such as:

  • drain clearing equipment having been used in the past
  • that a toilet has been removed to access the drains
  • the hot water service has been relocated.

Consistently pre-purchase plumbing inspections by Whywait Plumbing Services show up plumbing problems 90% of the time, which no one else has identified. These problems range from:

  • tree roots in the drains
  • leaking water pipes
  • water hammer
  • leaking hot water tanks and so the list goes on

All of these problems have the potential to lead to major unexpected financial outlays when often you are stretched to the limit financially but also can create a great deal of stress and inconvenience for you and your family.

A comprehensive pre-purchase plumbing inspection and written report by Whywait Plumbing Services experienced licensed plumbers Gold Coast covers all the areas of plumbing, drainage and gas that are never covered in a standard building inspection. Your solicitor will usually recommend  a building and pest inspection be undertaken. Inevitably these are an overview of the plumbing because they are undertaken by builders not plumbers and builders do not have the expertise or equipment to undertake a detailed inspection of the plumbing and drainage infrastructure.

The written report from Whywait Plumbing Services will enable you to make an informed decision on purchasing the property ensuring that all the plumbing infrastructure is compliant and functioning correctly. Any faults will be identified and detailed in the written report along with the cost to rectify so you can go back and renegotiate your purchase price with confidence.

A Whywait Plumbing Services pre-purchased plumbing inspection is fully detailed and easy to read being free of jargon and reports on the following:

  • council as constructed drainage plan (if available)
  • CCTV inspection of house sewer drains
  • CCTV inspection of storm water drains
  • surface storm water flow to determine if drainage is adequate
  • water main pressure test to determine if pressure is compliant & to to determine any underlying issues
  • water main leakage test
  • condition report of gutters, downpipes and roof flashing’s
  • condition report on all taps & connections
  • condition report on bathroom fixtures
  • condition report on laundry fixtures
  • condition report on kitchen fixtures
  • condition report on hot water service tank with working life report
  • condition report on all hot water valves
  • condition report on water reticulation system

To ensure your most important asset, your future home, is not going to become a nightmare due to defective plumbing and drainage infrastructure always get Whywait Plumbing Services to undertake a comprehensive pre-purchase plumbing inspection which will allow you to make an offer to purchase based on factual information. Call us now for more information.

By Gary Mays

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