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Gold Coast Leak Detection & Repair Specialists

Do you suspect you have a water leak? Have you received a letter from the council saying your water usage has increased dramatically?

A water leak won’t fix itself! Underground water pipes, water pipes in your walls and ceilings can all cause water leakage. All of which can lead to a horrendous water bill plus possible structural damage and repair costs.

As experienced WATER LEAK DETECTION specialists, we will quickly locate the leak and repair or replace the leaking pipe on the same day, to prevent further damage with our sophisticated, non-invasive leak detection technology.


For a same day leak detection & repair priority service call (07) 5580 4311. For non-urgent leak detection Gold Coast bookings feel free to send us your details.

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Gold Coast Leak Detection & Repair Specialists

Do you suspect you have a water leak? As experienced WATER LEAK DETECTION specialists, we will quickly locate the leak and repair or replace the leaking pipe on the same day, to prevent further damage with our sophisticated, non-invasive leak detection technology.

Same Day Leak Detection & Repair Specialists

Whywait Plumbing is your one-stop-shop for the location and repair of all your water leak problems. We have invested in the latest state-of-the-art acoustic leak detection technologies and techniques to give you a comprehensive leak detection and repair service from arrival to completion.

Don’t trust leak detection and repairs to any cowboy with a reconfigured stethoscope, get the specialists from Whywait Plumbing.  We ensure disruption and property damage is minimal with our non-invasive technology.

Unlike numerous other leak detection companies, we are fully licenced plumbers, so we locate the leak and undertake all the required repairs or replacements on the spot. At Whywait Plumbing, we eliminate the need for multiple trips from multiple subcontractors over several days.

As your leak detection and repair specialists, we eliminate the guessing game, using the latest technology to pinpoint the exact location, which keeps disruptive exploration to a minimum.

Signs You Have A Possible Water Leak & Need A Leak Detection Expert

Let’s face it, water leaks are common. Where there are water pipes and sewer drains, there is the potential for water leaks. The problem is that sometimes the signs you have a water leak are hidden. You may not realise you have a water leak until the damage is done.

These are the most common telltale signs that you need to call us and book a water leak detection plumber ASAP:

  • Reduced or fluctuating water pressure at taps;
  • Reduced temperature hot water at your taps;
  • More expensive than normal City of Gold Coast water rates notice;
  • Wet or damp walls both inside or outside;
  • Wet patches or isolated puddles forming on your lawn that never dry up;
  • Cracking in concrete or paved areas;
  • Wet or damp carpet;
  • A mouldy, damp odour;
  • Mould stains on walls or tile grout;
  • The sound of water running when no tap is turned on;
  • Your water meter keeps spinning when all taps are turned off;

Indoor & Outdoor Leak Detection Specialists

Water leaks can be outside (under paving, beneath lawns, near water tanks) or inside (inside walls, near toilets, under flooring, in the ceiling).

Water leaks are dangerous as they slowly undermine and damage your infrastructure, attract termites and above all lead to high water bills.

Checking your water meter regularly for potential water leaks and repairing them immediately is the simplest way to save water and money.

Calling just any plumber will not help as leak detection is a specialist skill that requires state of the art leak detection equipment. Whywait Plumbing provides a specialist leak detection service using our state-of-the-art acoustic leak detection technologies and techniques. 

We are renowned for rapidly detecting and repairing all water leaks.

I Think I Have A Water Leak – What Should I Do Next?

We could list a million things to do first. But the problem with that is you will spend the next few hours seeing if any of the recommendations have worked, potentially causing more damage. The best thing to do is to call us now to book an appointment.

We answer the phone, 24/7. Calls don’t go through to an answering service, you speak directly to our experienced customer service staff who will schedule the leak detection at a time that suits you.

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Google Review

“Earlier this week I woke to find the main water pipe that supplies water to the house had burst underground and I had to shut the water supply off. I called Whywait Plumbing Services at 7:30am and they arrived around 30 minutes later and got straight into fixing it. I was quoted upfront so I knew what the cost would be but was pleasantly surprised when the invoice was a bit less as the job took less time then expected. I highly recommend Whywait Plumbing Services and will definitely use them again, they were professional and courteous.”

Daryn Lewis

A man providing a leak detection service on the Gold Coast


With Whywait getting your leak fixed today is as fast as 1-2-3

1 : Call to Schedule an Appointment

Call us 24/7 to schedule an appointment for one of our licensed plumbers to come to your home or business premises. We’re locals with 7-day service with guaranteed upfront pricing.

2 : Arrive & Assess Your Water Leak

One of our specialist leak detection plumbers will arrive to assess and provide you with the options and guaranteed upfront pricing to pinpoint your water leak.

3 : Detect & Repair Your Water Leak

Our service utes are equipped with the very latest in leak detection technology. We will undertake leak detection and once the leak is located we will provide you with the options and guaranteed upfront pricing to repair your water leak. Once the leak is repaired, we will do a check to ensure there are no other leak issues and cleanup any mess created. 

Need A Leak Detection Professional Plumber Today?

At Whywait Plumbing Services our plumbers and gas fitters are here to assist you whenever you need us. Call anytime, we always answer your call!

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Leak Detection Gold Coast

For leak detection, plumbing & gas emergencies please call (07) 5580 4311 to ensure rapid response service. For all other plumbing repairs feel free to email us for assistance.

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