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Why Should You Use A Licensed Plumber

Here at Whywait Plumbing we have been asked the question why should I use a licensed plumber, what is the difference between a licensed plumber and an unlicensed plumber. Well here in Queensland and for the fact throughout Australia the answer is simple as all plumbers are licensed as are all companies that are plumbing contractors. There is no such occupation listing as an unlicensed plumber. No one other than a licensed plumber can legally undertake work on any part of your water or drainage system.

We all take for granted the clean drinking water when you turn on the tap. We never think twice about the sewer waste that disappears when you flush the toilet. However, these everyday habits are a major concern when clean water does not come out of a tap or sewer waste rushes to the top of the toilet and overflows. These are the moments when you think about hiring a plumber and wonder who can be trusted.

Despite the myriad of handymen who advertise they can do plumbing along with every other skilled trade description the truth is only a skilled, licensed, professional in plumbing services can get the job done in a compliant, legal manner. There are a number of reasons to consider why hiring a licensed plumbing contractor is in best interest of you, your family and your plumbing and drainage system.

  • They are at the top of their profession with licences issued by the Queensland Government’s Plumbing Industry Council and Building Services Authority
  • Licensed plumbers are familiar with different plumbing problems. Generally, plumbing systems are an integral part of your home. A professional licensed plumber understands this and will approach each installation or repair service with dedicated precision. You want someone who knows the layout of your plumbing system to guarantee the cause of the problem is isolated and fixed. A handyman is an amateur who frequently makes things worse by fixing the wrong part or installing a faulty system.
  • Licensed Plumbers receive high level federally legislated training to a standard curriculum at TAFE colleges plus their on job training
  • Licensed plumbing professionals have earned this distinctive title because of training and licensing requirements. Hiring a licensed and insured plumbing professional is a guarantee that they can handle any type of plumbing job. This investment is also a guarantee that plumbing professionals want to build their reputation on satisfying customers.
  • Licensed Plumbing Professionals have the correct tools and know how to use them.Training is one thing but having the proper tools and equipment to perform plumbing jobs successfully is another. Plumbing tools are not cheap and licensed plumbing contractors understand that investing in the right tools is an investment in getting the job done right.They not only have the right tools, but they also know that using the right ones makes the job easier. You will save on time and labour costs, and they avoid the frustration of doing a poor job. Licensed plumbing contractors are serious about their work and you can be confident that your plumbing needs will be adequately fixed.
  • Cheap solutions create expensive repairs as too many people look for ways to save money when an unexpected repair is required. There is nothing wrong with being a good budget manager of your money. However, depending on a cheap, inexpensive fix for a major plumbing problem is not the way to learn that cheaper is not better. Looking for the cheapest route to pay for a plumbing job can lead to more frustrations. Additionally, you will frequently pay more to have Whywait Plumbing remove what was done illegally and reinstall in a legal compliant manner.
  • Licensed plumbers will complete the work and not charge more than is necessary. They are the ones who are trained and experienced in unblocking drains and fixing leaking water pipes. When you flush the toilet after their work, you can expect to be satisfied.
  • Most licensed plumbing contractors have at least 10 years of professional experience. Some concentrate on one specific plumbing area such as blocked drains. Others may specialise in plumbing maintenance to existing buildings or some companies only undertake new construction.

Always remember whether you need plumbing work for a renovation project or to stop a leaking tap or to clear a blocked drain a licensed plumbing contractor is your only choice.

Bathroom Renovation Costs Don’t Need to Blow Out

Whywait Plumbing have prepared a few tips and some advice to help you keep costs down and maximise your budget when renovating your bathroom. Increasingly the plumbers at Whywait Plumbing are observing there is no disguising a bathroom in need of renovation that have some or many of the following awfully dated features:

  • peach or pea green tiles,
  • failing grouting in floors and walls,
  • mould damage to the ceiling,
  • bathroom carpet,
  • gold plated taps with fake glass handles,
  • poor use of space
  • wallpaper that looks like it was chosen by a 70’s disco freak.

All of the above are standard fare in bathrooms that date back 10 years and often 25 years plus. For better or for worse, bathrooms are a place for people to stamp their own creative mark on a home that is often inexplicable in what they are trying to create with bizarre combinations such as black tiled walls and red painted ceilings. Bathrooms by their design and use factors are also prone to failure over time.

Generally a bathroom needs some for of renovation at around five years depending upon how it is used. But bathroom renovations do not have to be designer level expensive affairs. If you plan and know what you are doing it is not hard to keep a lid on bathroom renovation costs. Below are issues to be considered so your bathroom renovation costs do not blow out:

  1. Assess how much you need to change: The more you want to change, the more expensive the project will be, that is an absolute guarantee. If you are on a tight budget you can still make a surprising difference to the look of a bathroom by just by replacing tap handles, painting the walls and ceiling plus sticking up shampoo shelves, towel rails or a nice new mirror all of which you could probably manage yourself, providing you know what you are doing. Re-tiling of floors and walls will cost a fair bit more but there are surprisingly economical coating options that are applied directly over existing the tiles which cut costs by reducing the amount of demolition work required. Always anything involving electrical or plumbing fixtures or relocating fixtures or adding new fixtures will cost considerably more.
  2. Reuse or recycle fittings and fixtures: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it rules applies and there is nothing wrong with the existing fittings or fixtures themselves, you can save a lot of money and unnecessary waste by resisting the overwhelming temptation to replace them. If you think about ways you can style and theme the bathroom to utilise what you already have installed and focus on what the worst aspects of your bathroom really are. Old style taps can be replaced fairly economically and easily. If your bath and vanity basin have been seriously abused over the years it is possible to have them re-coated and looking like new for less than outright replacement. Vanity unit cupboard doors and draws can be replaced for much less than outright replacement.
  3. Do not move plumbing fixtures: Relocating or adding new plumbing fixtures can be really expensive. As much as possible focus on reusing the existing water supply and drainage connection’s for your toilet, shower, bath, vanity basin and floor waste as this will keep plumbing costs under control.
  4. Shop around for materials: This may sound obvious but requires discipline. If you have the time and inclination you will save a small fortune by shopping around and buying the necessary materials, fittings and fixtures yourself. If you are doing the shopping, make sure you have done your homework and you know exactly what you are looking for. For example there is a huge difference between wall and floor tiles. Buying a bath with a centre waste to replace one with a waste at one end will cost you more to install. Replacing a toilet requires that you are aware whether or not it uses an S or P trap outlet or whether the water connection is concealed or bottom linked. Any paint for bathroom walls need to be suitable for use in bathrooms so that your walls are resistant to moisture. If you are buying things make sure everything is ready and available when renovation starts to prevent any delays which frequently will translate into increased costs.
  5. Get your hands dirty: If you are willing and able you can save a lot on labour costs by doing some of the work yourself and project managing the renovation. It is likely that you will still need to hire licensed contractor’s such as plumbers, electricians, waterproofers, tilers for the renovation project, but volunteering yourself to do some of the manual work such as demolition will translate into lower labour costs. Without exception any discussion about what you can do yourself has to include a big, flashing neon warning, there are some things you just cannot cut corners on and do it yourself. Waterproofing, plumbing and electrical work MUST be done by licensed professional contractors. Doing it any other way is guaranteed to be illegal, substandard, dangerous, non-insurable and without the protections of a warranty. It is also extremely important that you are certain before you start working that there is not any asbestos in your bathroom. Asbestos sheeting was very commonly used in bathrooms up until the late 1970’s and exposure to it can lead to cancer so you will need to have asbestos removed by a specialist contractor using the correct safety gear who will dispose of it legally.
  6. Plan very carefully and avoid variations: Careful planning and having an exact idea of what you are wanting to achieve, what you are getting and how everything will be done before you sign any contract with a contractor will ensure you’re not stung with hefty fees for necessary changes. If you use a builder to manage your bathroom renovation it is guaranteed he will charge over the odds for variations to a contract if you have made a selection mistake or want to change your layout or add additional fixtures. Many builders will come in with a low quote with the aim to prey on clients who are not clear on their plans and have not prepared properly. Regardless of how well you perceive you get along with the builder or any of the other contractors make sure that the fittings and fixtures are exactly what you are after, and will fit exactly where they are supposed to go, the colours and tiles are exactly right, the costs are itemised on the contract, and you are certain that all labour, material and administrative costs are included. Make sure any variations are fully costed and you approve in writing before they commence.
  7. Things to be careful of: Make sure you have more than enough tiles because if they break in future or if break some during your renovations you want to have some spares on hand that are from the exact same batch so that they are a perfect match. Beware of non-certified plumbing fittings and fixtures which are non insurable and can make any future insurance claim null and void. Ensure all plumbing products have the WaterMark certification and comply with Australian Standards. Avoid ordering online or from overseas any plumbing or electrical fixtures as almost always they will be shoddy or inferior fittings and fixtures and will come back to haunt you. Ordering online plumbing or electrical fixtures online invariably are not worth the savings they appear to offer. Consider where you’re going to shower as your bathroom’s going to be out of action for a week or two at least and always double any timeframe you have given by any contractor. It is very common to discover rotten timber under baths or behind shower walls which will require extra work with any other savings you make being eaten up quickly if you are unprepared for that.

Ultimately your bathroom renovation is all about careful planning and managing of expectations from the beginning.

Ongoing Rewards For Installing Zero Flush Waterless Urinals

With the advent of the EnviroSeal system for Zero Flush waterless urinals the days of malfunctioning urinals are over. The ongoing development of Zero Flush waterless urinals signals the end of wasted water and energy in public toilets  everywhere. Building owners everywhere are praising the benefits and reaping the rewards of finally having efficient, problem free waterless urinals installed by Whywait Plumbing Services.

For those who are not aware, a Zero Flush waterless urinal utilises gravity and an incredibly smooth porcelain surface to do the work that used to take up to 12 litres of water. While this concept may seem foreign and completely unappealing, a Zero Flush waterless urinal eliminates odour by separating waste from air meaning that foul smells will stay in the drains where they belong.

Zero Flush waterless urinals have hygienic benefits, economic benefits, and environment benefits, some of which are listed below:

  1. No flushing: When a traditional urinal is flushed, you might think that all the waste is transported directly down the drain. Actually, the rushing water creates a mist that contains waste and contaminates the air. Since waterless urinals don’t flush, they don’t contaminate the air.
  2. No touching: Traditional urinals rely on flush valves to expel the waste. These valves can have thousands of dirty hands touching them over the course of their life-cycle. Zero Flush waterless urinals have no valves so there’s no touching and no spread of germs.
  3. Water bills: The name is no exaggeration; a Zero Flush waterless urinal literally uses zero water to operate. With the water bill alone, a Zero Flush waterless urinal could easily pay for itself within a year if not sooner.
  4. Maintenance: No flush valve to fix. No blocked pipes that need unblocking. Little to clean. A Zero Flush waterless urinal is so efficient it needs next to no supervision.
  5. Price: With all their benefits, Zero Flush waterless urinals are in higher demand. Zero Flush have been producing urinals in larger numbers, which means the prices are lower. You can now even purchase a waterless urinal for nearly half the same price as a traditional urinal.
  6. Potable water supplies: Yes, the world is almost covered in water so it seems like we can use it as we please. The truth is, we only have so much potable water that we have access to. With Zero Flush waterless urinals, wasting water is unnecessary.
  7. Energy efficiency: Some people take it for granted that water is available in pipes all the time but it doesn’t get there by accident. It takes a great deal of energy and electricity to move water. Zero Flush waterless urinals save the environment by conserving energy.

For building owners Zero Flush waterless urinals installed by Whywait Plumbing Services are a smart choice for hygiene, budgeting and the environment.

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