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Coffee Grounds Also Remove Sewer Odour

Personally one of life’s great pleasures is walking into Zarraffa’s Coffee at Hope Island most mornings and getting that immediate lift that the aroma of coffee gives. As a plumber one of the more problematic issues we face is when a building has a problem with sewer gases, so I was not surprised when I came across research that showed that the leftover coffee grounds could eliminate that offensive odour that is sewer gases.

Sewer odour is in fact hydrogen sulphide and has a characteristic rotten egg smell which can be detected at very low levels, well below those that are known to cause health effects.

The sewer odour smell can cause worry, anxiety and resentment as it overwhelms the sense of smell. Repeated odour events may culminate in real symptoms such as headache, fatigue and nausea. Although these are not direct health effects they are undesirable. It is unlikely the odour will effect your health as humans smell it at very low levels as hydrogen sulphide is denser than air and tends to pool on the ground or the floor especially inside a building. Any absorbed hydrogen sulphide does not accumulate in the body as it is rapidly metabolised in the liver and excreted in the urine.

The problems with sewer odour inside buildings is often related to the venting of the drainage system which requires the installation of filters. Over the years at Whywait Plumbing we have tried many different filter systems and non return valves with varying degrees of success to control sewer odour.

New reasearch to develop a novel, eco-friendly filter to remove toxic gases from the air has found that a material made from used coffee grounds can sop up hydrogen sulphide gas. CCNY chemical engineering develops and tests materials that scrub toxic gases like hydrogen sulphide from air in industrial facilities and pollution control plants. Similar to the grains of charcoal packed into a water filter cartridges the CCNY filters use a form of charcoal called activated carbon.

The manufacturers of activated carbon producers already use materials like coal, wood, peat, fruit pits, and coconut shells to make filters. CCNY concluded that our modern coffee culture could supply an abundant source of eco-friendly organic waste. An added advantage is that coffee grounds also come equipped with a special ingredient that boosts their smell-fighting power. The stimulant that gives coffee its energy jolt which is caffeine also contains nitrogen. Nitrogen dramatically increases the carbon’s ability to clean hydrogen sulphide from the air through a process called adsorption.

Manufacturers traditionally have treated the carbon with nitrogen rich chemicals such as ammonia, melamine, or even urea the main nitrogen-containing substance in urine. All of these treatments significantly increase the cost of adsorbents. CCNY carbonised coffee grounds turning them into charcoal by a process of activation that fills the carbon with scores of minute holes about 10-30 angstroms in diameter and roughly equivalent to 10-30 hydrogen atom-widths across. These densely packed pores are blanketed with nitrogen, perfect to capture hydrogen sulphide molecules passing through.

Trials are continuing on the filters with positive results so just remember next time you have a coffee the grounds that made it can be developed into a environmentally sustainable green filter that can control the most nauseating odour of all – sewer odour.


Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration

“Choose Reverse Osmosis…”

For the Purest Water You Can Drink at Home!

Your Body Absorbs Harmful Chemicals. But It’s not Designed to Filter Them Out. Reason Enough to Consider a Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System for You Home.

What Your Body Absorbs, And What It Can’t Filter Out.

More and more, organic foods are being made available to you in restaurants, food stores and vitamin shops. The more you consume organic foods and beverages, the fewer toxic chemicals you’re ingesting…and that promotes a healthier lifestyle.

Unfortunately, there are still far too many inorganic substances we consume on a daily basis, and increasingly this comes to us through our potable drinking water supplies.

Fluoride, for example, remains a hot topic throughout the world.  Specifically, the so-called dental benefits of this chemical compound are not universally accepted as a given.  But now fluoride has been added to Queensland’s water supply, and that’s a reality that must be faced.

Whether you are pro or con on the fluoride as a water additive, fluoride is one more toxin added to your body…and one more toxin that your body cannot filter out.  So here’s the question:  if your body can’t filter out harmful toxins, shouldn’t you be looking for ways to have your them filtered out for you before you drink the water?

The only proven method to remove fluoride in the long term is through Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration (RO).  Simply put, Reverse Osmosis filtration is the total removal of introduced chemicals, dissolved salts, and metallic ions. Water that has undergone Reverse Osmosis water filtration can be up to 98% pure.

Advantages of Drinking Reverse Osmosis Filtered Water

  • RO filtration eliminates almost all salts & minerals from your drinking water.
  • Drinking RO purified water prevents incompatible toxins from entering our bodies.
  • Best of all it removes & flushes out inorganic mineral deposits already present…the kind that create arthritis in the joints, deposits in the gallstones & kidney stones & deposits on artery walls.
  • RO also filters out sulfates, arsenic, aluminum radioactivity and all other harmful parasites and viruses.
  • It eliminates the spots and discolouration (dental fluorosis) on your teeth.

Disadvantages of Drinking Reverse Osmosis Filtered Water

  • RO filtered water is stripped of its chemistry and is demineralised
  • RO water is free of components that balance or stabilise the pH of water, so water with a low pH is known to be aggressive (corrosive).
  • RO water always leaves some mineral component that takes the edge off the aggression, however if a simple pH test indicated the water is below 6.8 pH it may also have the ability to leach precious minerals from our body.

But let’s not forget that RO water is healthiertastes better, is odour-free, and the systems are easy to maintain.

The purpose of an RO membrane is to remove 95-98 % of all contaminants and it does this extremely well. Once we have this near pure water we can begin to develop it to suit our needs.

At Whywait Plumbing Services, we’re Reverse Osmosis and Water Filtration Experts

Lots of plumbers can install Reverse Osmosis systems.But there’s only one Whywait Plumbing Services…the company that’s highly proficient in all aspects of water quality and filtration.

One conversation or in-home visit with us, and you’ll discover the Whywait difference for yourself.

For a no-obligation proposal and quote, or simply to learn more about how Reverse Osmosis water filtration can benefit you and your family, contact the water filtration pros at Whywait Plumbing Services.  There’s so much we can do to help.

by Gary Mays

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Owning A Plumbing Business Is Easy. Isn’t It?

Owning A Plumbing Business Is Easy. Isn’t It?

Plumbing business is a business, not a hobby

Owning any business is a challenge. Owning a plumbing business has always been a challenge. For most experienced master plumbers, the biggest challenge is other plumbers.

“You have overcharged us because I rang three other plumbers and told them what you charged us for that job and they all agree you have overcharged us and ripped us off.” This was I phone call we received at Whywait Plumbing last week.

Whywait Plumbing services agree owning a plumbing business is easy

Joe Bum-Crack Plumber

A call like this always makes us wonder about the competence and integrity of the three so-called licensed plumbers who said we overcharged. For a start, no professional plumber can or should or could give a price over the phone without inspecting the job onsite thoroughly and undertaking a complete diagnosis of what the plumbing problem is.

Joe Bum-Crack Plumbing Company

Generally, the plumbers who indulge in giving prices over the phone use it as a tactic to gain entry to clients home. Invariably their final price always ends up being much more expensive because they find all these additional problems after they start the job. These “Joe Bum-Crack Plumbers” seldom last in business beyond two years. But in the short time they exist, they cause legitimate plumbing businesses countless problems with their shoddy business ethics and lack of business acumen. Sadly every few years another generation of Joe Bum-Crack Plumbers emerge with their brand new plumbing licenses.

Every day here at Whywait Plumbing, we receive phone calls or email from plumbers looking for a job. A significant number of these plumbers fit the category of Joe Bum-Crack plumbers who have been running their own plumbing business and discover it is much harder than they thought it would be.

We have in the past employed such people, always to our detriment. The last person we employed that could be described as a Joe Bum-Crack plumber was a perfect textbook example. In fact, let us call him Joe as he came into the interview perfectly dressed in answer to our advertisement for an experienced maintenance plumber. Joe was in his 50’s and had done it all from working in construction to being an inspector to running his own business. When asked why he was giving up running his own plumbing business, he replied that his wife had told him to go and get a real job.

Joe then went onto describe what it was like running his own plumbing business which he had started with high hopes after 27 years as an employee of various large companies and a water authority. Joe described how he knew what he wanted as his own boss as he knew there was a fortune to be made running his own business plus for the first time ever he was in control of everything and best of all could work when he chose and be at home when he decided.

Plumbing business reality

The reality was much different from Joe’s perception of being the boss. Joe soon discovered that being the boss is much harder than it looks. Joe had found that running a business was more than being an excellent technical plumber.

Now he was the boss that Joe was in charge of marketing, employee relations, customer relations, credit management, bookkeeping, answering the phone, dealing with plumbers merchants and so the list went on.

All Joe wanted to be was a wealthy plumber.

Joe now knew that running a plumbing business was not a path to instant wealth. The opposite was the truth with every minute of his time being spent on running the business. Joe was shocked at the reaction of Reeces Plumbing Supplies when his account was late being paid. Joe, as an employee had used Reeces for years and the people behind the counter he considered as mates. He was shocked when his credit was suspended because after all these were longtime mates of his and he was sure they would understand that a client had not paid him so he could not pay them.

Plumbing business costs

Whywait Plumbing Service is a real plumbing business

Joe was well aware of Whywait Plumbing, and he confided that he had always believed we were ripoff merchants. Joe was aware of our sign-written Utes, websites, yellow pages advertising, radio advertising, broadcast email, diagnostic charges and letterbox drops which he had always regarded as a waste of money because everyone knows word of mouth gives you plenty of work or so he once thought. He was astounded when word of mouth did not provide a multitude of work and that to get his phone ringing he would need to spend what he believed was a “shitload of money” on advertising and marketing to get his name out there.

After 18 months of being the boss, Joe now understood why Whywait Plumbing spends what he called a “shitload” of money on advertising and was astounded when he was informed it was only 4% of our turnover.  Now Joe was wanting us to give him a job because his wife had told him after 18 months of struggling to make ends meet to get a real job.

Joe did work for Whywait Plumbing for three months but in the end, was unable to adapt to a plumbing business that was upfront about the cost of the work before undertaking the work. Joe just wanted to turn on the taximeter and keep charging the client until the job was complete and then let someone else worry about who was paying. This was why Joe, the boss, had his credit stopped at Reeces. This was why Joe, the boss, had constant arguments with clients. This is why Joe, the boss, is just Joe, the disgruntled employee who still thinks he knows more than the boss.

Very simply, there is only one rule in business, and that is to make a profit and to make a profit, you must first know your costs. That is why at Whywait Plumbing we price every job in advance….no if’s, no but’s.

To experience a real plumbing business contact Whywait Plumbing anytime on (07) 5580 4311 because as we always “choose Whywait and consider it done.”

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